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  1. I have a few questions... Thanks in advance for helping.

    So I found a 72w, 12gal chiller for $100 with the pump on eBay... Haven't made the purchase yet wanted to get some thoughts.

    My first grow was dwc no chiller I used ice packs throughout the entire grow and as a result I chose never to do dwc again... Lol at least not until I get a chiller.

    So my second grow was ffof in a 7 gal fabric pot... I just harvested and I'm just not excited. I have another (3rd grow) vegging in ffof in a 3 gal self feeder but judging from my last run I'm thinking I should just flower her to get it out of the way.

    Soil just seems pointless in comparison to dwc, I guess.

    So... I went with 2x 300w LED's and the yield just didn't impress me so I plan on getting a 600w hps/mh in a few weeks, but in preparation for my next germination (4th grow, dwc hopefully), I humbly seek guidance.

    Will this chiller work for 2x 5gal bubble buckets?
    2 in 1 Aquarium Adjustable Thermostat Chiller Heater

    If it's not a good option could someone please direct me in the path of success (running dwc and I need to keep water temps in control, especially with hps this go round). I'm looking to yield at least 6oz this time. My flower tent is 2x4x5.

    And when I get the cool tube 600w hps/mh how do I manage space it just seems so difficult. I have a 4"x12" carbon filter, the 4" inline fan (for exhaust) and ducting to match... The cool tube is 6"x24", but I found (Duct Reducer 6" x 4" | eBay) these to reduce the tube to fit my equipment. But my question is, will it all fit in a 2x4 tent, with just 4 feet to use across? I've seen videos with the same tent I have with 600w hps flowering elephant dunk size nuggets... I don't want to get a bigger tent as my and my wife are not home owners yet so I'm trying to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Any help?

    Also I have a 2'x2' tent for veg, but my timing is just all f'd up. I'm trying to get a grasp on perpetual motion... Do I need a 3rd tent? Or is this possible for a harvest every 4 weeks? If so, can u explain how I can achieve this? IMG_20170807_001626.jpg
  2. Ok I guess I'll have to figure this all out in my own.

    No surprise tho, I only got help on this site when I knew absolutely nothing. Now that I have a minimal knowledge of our craft, I get zero decibels of help and it's been that way for months.

    All I want is for one harvest to yield me half a pound. Damn, any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm new to this site. I'll try to make a few comments for thought but it's tough knowing all of the parameters/etc. from one post/etc.

    I've never used LED to comment re yields/etc. As far as a 600 hps in a 2 x 4 tent....that's 75 watts per sq ft.
    Not at all out of line if it were a larger, more well ventilated space...but it will be a real challenge, IMO, to keep things cool in there with that much light in that small of space. Time will tell if a 4" fan will move enough air out/etc. All you can do is set it up and trial run it and see. (and yes, you may need a 3rd and much >larger< tent)

    The same can be said regarding putting 2-5 gal buckets in such a tight space. I don't see how that will truly work with only 4 ft of height to work with and lights/filters hanging down. You could put your filter outside the tent if at all possible....but even then ...I have my doubts. My experience with DWC is that the plants get large...and fast. IMO you simply don't have the room or height to do full term DWC plants in 5 gal buckets in a 2 x 4 tent.

    Have you researched SOG LED grows? More, smaller plants....vegged fast and then flowered? Somewhere in the 1-2 gal pot range? (8 or so 2 gals...up to 24 or so 1 gals) Grow in FFOF w/ 30% added perlite. Just thinking out loud here.

    You could do a small perpetual grow if you had clone stock available to feed it or fem seeds to start when needed...but again...with the space limitations I...if it were focus would be on trying to keep things short and my cycles fast...growing as many plants as I was comfortable growing in hopes of hitting my goal.

    good luck
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  4. Thanks for the input. Truly.

    So my thing is the yield. I got about a qp with my LED's in dwc but only about 1.5oz in ffof same LED's same tent same everything. So I was thinking go back to dwc, and upgrade to hps but... Idk

    To answer your question... I have considered sog but I was trying to attempt scrog... Idk how to build the frame for the net so now that u mention it I think I will go sog this round. Thanks

    So your suggestion is I stick with LED thus avoiding the hps purchase? My actual is 144w per panel and I have two. So the 600w hps would get to hot (figures)... What about a 400w and would it honestly make a difference, being that my LED's amount to 288w?
  5. Yer welcome. I hope I can at least foster some thought....

    Lights: If you have the $$ to play with and can buy an HID set up...go for it. I just figured that since you already have the LED's...etc..etc. To be truthful, I'm not sure you've hit upon the right style of growing yet to know if "light" itself is the factor holding you back. However...for reference sake...400 watts of light would work better than 600 in the tent you are now using. If it were me, I would look at a digital/dimmable ballast set up and would try to find something I could dim down now and crank up later if my space on hand changes. (My 1K dims to 500...though I never have a need to do it)

    Yields depend on many factors. With your FFOF grow my guess is that the pot was just too big and the plant spent more time trying to set roots than grow and bud up top. Given proper growing conditions, I would usually go with the 1 oz of final bud weigh per gallon of soil ratio....but in that instance...there's simply no way a 7 gal pot would give you 7 oz. Again...there just isn't enough space/height...or grow such a big plant or garner such a yield. As a comparison of thought....I have some stuff going outside in 7 gallon pots and I feel I'll be lucky to see that much yield from each of them.

    BTW....what strain are you growing? Is it known to yield heavily? Clones? Seeds? Each approach makes a difference where you can go and how fast you can get there. Can you fill a SOG?

    If you can..i still believe that a SOG is where your max yield lies in a tent that size. The concern is plant counts. Environmental conditions in proper sync....I think you could slam it with a good strain in good draining soil in 1 gallon pots. 2 gals may also work.

    FYI.....PVC makes great SCROG framing. Corners/3 ways/etc are easy to order online. 1/2 or 3/4". Then just affix the net/etc to that with duct tape/etc.. Something for future thought......

    hope something in there helps.......
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  6. Well atm I have a GSC fem in early veg... My first grow which was about 4.2 oz was OGK in 5gal dwc. I was extremely happy because not only did I have alot it was super dank. My second (which was just recently harvested) got me about 1.5oz and it was Acapulco Gold, but my mom's came over and told me it's not the real thing lol. But anyways I do have about 10 seeds atm in the fridge. I could do a 5 and 5 perp... And just get sum more seeds but with GSC in veg now I'm thinking if I keep her in my small tent and never put her in flower, she might potentially be the mother of a bunch of clones... I honestly live for your responses, u know so much more than me and you've helped so much although, I'm still a little torn on how to proceed lol, Im much more confident now. I was trying too big and I thank u for your input. What I get from this back and forth is, my tent/conditions/light/pot size/etc... All predict my outcome. 7 gal was too much for soil, as dwc is much faster. Smh I knew this through reading but the experience and you just saying it hit home. So I'll go get sum 1 gal pots... Still dk if I should just flower my GSC and pop 3 or 4 seeds all at once, or just veg her continuously while taking clones from her. I guess I've got alot to consider.

    As well I think I nix the idea of buying a 400w hps since I've already got 288w in true led. But 600w hps is still looking promising. Im thinking in a cold basement, in northern USA, during winter 600w hps should work fine, especially with lights off, might create some beautiful hue's... I'm excited either way, but I know my LED's aren't gonna work for the winter without a heater near by. idk I'm just thinking aloud I guess.
  7. It's all a process. Feel fortunate though...I'm an old fart who started this hobby pre-internet. Talk about a learning curve. I can guarantee that it was many, many years before I grew a plant that yielded 4.5 ounces.

    And LOL re the Acapulco Gold comment your mom made. The stuff we got back then spent muy time...maybe storage/bricked up...and it cured to be so much different than the flash fried/short-cured green of today.

    I'm glad to see you come up with the realization that you are limited by size/etc. All I can urge you to do is to do what you can with what you have. READ all you can about SOG LED grows. If you find someone knocking it out of the park...mirror what they are doing. In time it will all seem second nature to you.

    GSC is a hot commodity/trendy strain right now (and has been for a bit). reminds me of the minty green mexican we used to get here/there back in the day. I grew it (Forum cut) a few times....and while very frosty... the yields are often less than other strains. Mom'ing her and filling a tent with clones would be a way to maximize what you have though.

    If you can get a grow under your belt that you feel went well...a 600 or more would be a great addition for Wintertime.
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