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  1. Hi guys, I've heard more than a few times that if you have a tea that smells that you shouldn't use it. Mine does indeed smell like a fart, started aerating it again today and can smell it wafting down from my loft a bit. However, given my ingredients I suspect maybe an odor should be present?

    Recipe for 2 gallons of bat poop tea (veg.) as follows:
    2 gallons room temp. h20 (city tap)
    2 tbsp. sunleaves mexican bat guano
    2 capfuls maxicrop liquid seaweed
    2 tbsp. aunt patty's organic blackstrap molasses (unsulphured)
    1 teaspoon of alaska fish fert. (liquid) *just added to for the heck of it really.

    got a 5 gallon aqua. pump aerarating it.

    now the smell that comes off isn't completely unpleasant as theirs an earthyness with a sort of funky sweetness that must be from the molasses and tiny bit of fish fert? but all in all you could call it a fart smell!

    i took a sec to smell each component, mex. bat guano is earthy but got like a sulfure kick which i expect. smelled my s.l. jamac. bat guano and has that nice clean dirt smell.
    liquid seaweed is unoffensive, fish fert. smells like reasonably good smelling fish sludge, molasses smells like molasses.

    shouldn't there be a bit of a smell/funk then? heard some say the longer it brews, the more it smell of earthiness and no more funk? really unsure on this.

    Thanks for the help guys
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  2. Guano are pretty much useless in a tea, if you're looking for NPK soak some alfalfa for a week. The time it takes guanos to become bio-available is so long that there best premixed into the soil weeks before planting. A little bit of fish helps too, I use age old fish and seaweed as little boost here and there.
  3. thank you for the advice, i have my sights on creating an organic mix and cooking it for a good 30 days. as for now, i'll have to hunt down some alfalfa.

    appreciate the help and have a good one!

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