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Guaifenesin and DXM?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by siroseti, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Me and my friend are going to be taking some DXM tomorrow. Problem is, the bottle that we have is dosed 20mg DXM and 400mg Guaifenesin per pill. We were figuring on taking 10 pills each; 200mg DXM and 4000mg Guaif. I'm under the impression that this isn't going to make us vomit uncontrollably (I'm 140 pounds, he's 120 pounds), but we're still going to have another 200mg of DXM leftover.

    So, my question is, what is the upper limit of Guaifenesin that I can take without becoming nauseous? 5000mg seems like it would be OK to me, but I think 6000mg (15 pills each) is kind of pushing it into the red zone. Thoughts?
  2. Here's a simple solution: why don't you just get a bottle with DXM as the only active ingredient instead of risking with the one you have now? It really isn't hard at all to find. In case you really can't find, here:

    Maximum Strength Tussin Cough Formula, contains 15 mg/5 mL of DXM and only DXM.

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    I think I'll probably just do that tomorrow. Would I be getting any looks buying that at a CVS? Age requirements? Driver's licenses required? I just want to be prepared.
  4. No you won't get any looks. There is no age limit for buying cough syrup.
  5. Yeah I'm not a big fan of Guafenesin due to the fact that it makes me throw up and feel shit. But in most places you have to be eighteen to buy.
  6. Guaifenesin always makes me nauseous even when I'm not taking cough syrup to get fucked up.

    Just get straight Tussin like already posted. You'll be so much happier you did.
  7. sup man. last friday I wanted to dex but all i had access to was dxm with guaifenesin. I had 464 mgs of DXM and 3640 mgs of guaifenesin. i didnt throw up at all but i did feel nauseous whenever i thought about the taste of the syrup. damn it tasted like ass

  8. Guaifenesin is really hard to seriously hurt yourself with. In my experience my stomach hurt for the next few weeks and my ass was like a leaky faucet. Seriously, every hour you'll need to poop if you take that much.
    I take it your taking Mucinex DM (from the levels), mucinex DM doesn't work well. Go to the closest corner store and buy pretty much any variant of Robotussin or generic. Make sure there is no Acetaminophen.

    Have fun, hope you have a good trip
  9. Actually in many states it is age restricted at the descretion of the vendor. For Wal Mart and CVS, they have almost always checked my ID.

    Not that that is a problem for anyone using these forums...

    ANd yeah, just get something w/o the guaf.
  10. yeah get something else with all dxm. In my eyes 200 dxm is not worth all the throwing up guaifenesin is going to cause.
  11. yeah. today i went to walmart to pick up robo gels and went to the self check out thinking I was sly and would be able to avoid confrontation but after I swiped that shit a buzzer went off and a lady had to do something. I had my id ready she didnt even look at it she just confirmed the purchase or someshit.
  12. Get the Tussin LiquidGels. They always have tons of them in the CVS's around me. 20 a bottle, 15 mg a pill. DXM only. Throw back 1 bottle, you'll be leanin'. Throw back 2, you'll be trippin'.
  13. doing two bottles of the gels always makes me nauseous. something about the coating dissolving and letting all that syrup out at once
  14. Ok, so, trip report.

    I took 10 pills right off the bat, my friend took 8 1/2 at first and took the other pill and a half about 90 minutes later. The 'peak' high wasn't as intense in terms of visual/auditory distortions (less flanging/stumbling for example) compared to bud, but it lasted longer and took much longer to totally cool off. Music was more enjoyable. I actually became really good at Tetris, haha.

    From my calculations, I was at about 3.14mg/kg and my friend was somewhere between 3.1-3.6mg/kg. At this dosage, there were no auditory or visual hallucinations, just a stoning equivalent to a bowl or two of bud and a slight disconnection from reality. I noticed colors were much more vibrant in the latter part of the trip. It was also interesting contemplating religion and spirituality from a dissociated perspective.

    The Guaifenesin had no nauseating effects (on me or my friend), although towards the last hour or two I started ripping MASSIVE amounts of ass. I suppose that's kind of a downside, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all, so what the hell. I get the sense that <4500mg is safe, 4500-6000mg is pushing it and >6000mg is begging for a projectile vomiting attack (at least for me). It's worth noting that I've vomited only 3 times in my entire life (I have a strong stomach), so if you've got a weak stomach I wouldn't recommend something with Guaifenesin.

    Overall, I get the feeling DXM lends itself more to a personal experience than a group experience. The high is a more profound/introspective one than bud or alcohol, and I assume it only becomes more so at the higher doses. That's not to say I didn't find it enjoyable, however; I would definitely recommend DXM to those mature enough to get a handle on its effects.
  15. I have taken dex in groups and we all fun and it was a great time, but idk you took a low dose and you didnt take pure dxm.
  16. I've been experimenting occasionally with DXM for about half a year. Whenever I have downed the syrup, I trip pretty well, but the nausea kind of outweighs it for a good portion of it. Even though the only active is DXM, the shit is so gross my stomach rejects it. Last time i kept vomiting and was eventually vomiting foam. Fuck no.

    The robogels on the other hand, NEVER make me nauseous. Taking 20 of the 15mg's and smoking some good bud really seems to be the way to go.

    Also, has anyone noticed any odd pupil activities days after tripping? I've noticed that 1-3 days after tripping, my pupils will dilate, then get smaller within seconds. This happens constantly. It's starting to scare me a little and make me question further use :confused:
  17. That's odd, because all the robogels are is encapsulated syrup. It is quite a bit less though, so that's probably why they don't make you nauseous.

    And if your pupils really change size like that you need to get to a neurologist immediately. That's not an effect of DXM, and is a sign of brain damage. Pupil dilation is normal on DXM, but rapidly changing pupil size, in the absence of increased light, is not good.

    Perhaps you're psyching yourself out. It is possible to make your pupils change size on command. Maybe you're doing that subconsciously.
  18. Yeah, I know that DXM has a tendency to keeps your pupils like dinner plates the day after, but rapid changes like that can sometimes be an indicator that your brain is losing its ability to regulate your eyes; e.g., see a neurologist/optometrist like stoner_lukas recommended.
  19. took a bottle of robo gells last night, and again i experienced nausea. my trip was not very intense, however roughly 4 or so hours after ingestion i took some bong rips in the shower and went to go to sleep. the bong rips totally brought my trip back and it was very intense. i had very little light in the room but enough so i could see my posters on my wall, and they appeared to be floating right off the damn wall. i had intense closed eye visuals and music was amazing! ive robo'd many a time but this was a pleasant surprise after a mediocre trip
  20. Yes. Generally even smoking the day after a DXM trip will bring a portion of the trip back. I love smoking during the afterglow

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