GTA 'v' and the 'Bust'

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    The publisher of video game Grand Theft Auto V has been granted the right to search the
    homes of five people accused of making cheat software.

    The court order allowed Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, to search two properties in Melbourne, Australia, for evidence related to a cheat known as Infamous.

    The Australian federal court has also frozen the assets of the five, who have not yet filed a defence.

    The cheat went offline six months ago.

    It allowed players who paid about $40 (£30) to manipulate the gaming environment, generate virtual currency and use a "god mode" feature that makes players invincible.

    Tech news site Motherboard said using the cheat software "undermines enjoying for users playing fairly in online modes".

    Under the court order, the five people, named as Christopher Anderson, Cyrus Lesser,
    Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson and Koroush Jeddian, are prevented from creating
    or using game cheats.

    and they are allowed to withdraw only money for modest living expenses from their frozen accounts.

    According to technology news site Torrent Freak, which first reported the story,
    it is the first time such tactics have been used.

    Editor-in-chief Ernesto van der Sar told the BBC: "The search and freezing order go beyond what I've ever seen in any cheating related cases.

    "It shows that the copyright holders and the court take this issue rather seriously."

    "Many cheaters may believe that it's a relatively harmless activity - but they ruin the fun for legitimate players.

    "Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software are targeting the alleged developers of these cheats, who often sell and profit from their software."

    The BBC has contacted Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive but has not received a response to date.
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  2. That's pretty wild. I enjoy GTA V online, it's really the only game I play. I've certainly been on the receiving end of hackers, like I'm sure everyone has. I've had my RP set to negative millions a couple of times so I couldn't really do anything in the game (Rockstar fixed after putting in a request). I occasionally find people standing around and money bags are falling so everyone around there gets millions of dollars, including myself. Probably half the time I run into people who are invincible. Sometimes some hacker will make all my weapons disappear for that session. A while ago some hacker made it so I had a campfire around the waist of my character so I was always on fire and would eventually die. I made it to the ocean eventually and that would keep me from dying. Went away after starting a new session but that fire was sitting there next to me in the new session. Weird stuff.
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    Idk what V means... Also what kind of cheat was it?


  4. A pc type game from the 1990s living on a flow of yearly updates,
    appealing to dysfunctional 'merican youths who constantly fail driving and gun licencing,
    it had a few 'firsts' in its day but as implied above going bust fast

  5. Lol no I meant the V part idk what that is.

    GTA is fun tho imo I just didn't like the 5th one.

  6. Vee as in 5th edition of the same yarn!
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  7. GTA V is GTA 5... V is the roman numeral for 5.

    the game is technically called GTA V and not GTA 5.
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  8. Oh ok thanks for the info guys :)

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  9. Lol no one really calls this game GTA “vee” right???
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  10. 4 was better
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  11. I can understand Rockstar's point, because the illegal modding was causing them to lose revenue from shark cards.

    That being said I made a boat load of cash, well enough to buy several yachts, using the dead hooker glitch.
  12. A little off topic but,
    I want to name one of my strains Clown Face Kush. It comes highly recommended by Wade. "You should try Clown Face."
    I am torn on the 4 or 5 topic I like them both.

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