Gta iv

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Bought it yesterday.
    No expansion pack. I gotta save some money for the drugs... =P
    And, no I don't have LIVE, but I'm gettin it soon. Anyways, point is, I fucking love that game.
  2. Yeah I played through it.. great game - although I really feel like it didn't bring a low of new stuff to the table. I played GTA3 on PC and IMHO the graphics were better than on GTA4 for 360.

    IMO the multiplayer sucks so you aren't missing out on much there... although I like team fortress 2 a lot better, esp when tokin
  3. i love playing gta when i'm baked :smoking:
  4. The expansion kicks ass, I already traded in GTA a long time ago but I had to buy it again for the expansion

  5. Is it really worth the $20? Does it add that much to the game?
  6. Awesome game, I played it nonstop for a week when i first got it. The expansion is deff worth it ^
  7. Yeah man, there's 22 missions, 25 gang wars, and 12 races. week or two worth of content, plus a cooler character and revamped driving. Definitely worth it imo
  8. I really need to finish GTA 4, I'm about 55% through and I can't stop going on a rampages.
  9. You do realize that there's a forum specifically for games, right?
  10. dude, we all know that those sections dont get nearly as much traffic. cuz i mean, whos gonna take the extra 10 seconds to scroll down and wait til the new page loads. really?
  11. so, we have gta4 thread in there. There more people in games section then movies/tv section.

    plus, this thread is going be moved.
  12. before it gets moved everyone am I the only one that goes the fastest you can go in a corvette when you're baked and dont brake at all.
  13. Personally, I think this is a good place for it. It's not about some random no-name game that tends to fill those forums.. This is a pretty awesome game the really stands out - enough to be in the general section.

    Great game, I loved it, haven't bought the expansion pack because I'm acting poor to pay off a little bit of CC debt :hello:
  14. gta 4 is the best game ever. hands down. i do have a ps3 instead of xbox, but i still really enjoy playing onine deathmatches. free mode is pretty awesome to play while stoned...:smoking:
  15. I got this game the week it came out and beat it within a few weeks. Kick ass definitely.

    But I got the red ring of death, and exchanged xboxes so I lost all my saved games n shit....

    I think in honor of this thread, I'm going to beat it again, this time without any cheats! :D

    What is this about gta iv expansion??? I assume this is only for the computer?? :confused:
  16. you didnt take out your xbox?
  17. Playing this shit baked is one thing.

    Playing this shit on some hits of LSD is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT :eek:

  18. Nah, I had a warranty with best buy, and they require the whole xbox with the harddrive and everything... They don't let you switch it out...

    Oh well, at least I didn't have to wait a fuckin month to get it!

    And I'm on my 3rd fucking xbox..... fuck rrd

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