GTA IV Save Lost :(

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Amped, May 6, 2011.

  1. Lol fuck this is what happens when i play GTA IV stoned. I wanted to fuck around, so i exited the game and hit new -> overwrite or w/e (i wanted to save a new slot so I could use cheats and fuck around) and now I have to start all over from the beginning. Good thing i was only 18% in, right when Little Jacob starts selling you guns. Fuck though, i still dont feel like doing so many missions over again :smoke:

    Has this happened to any of you lmfao
  2. I've never done it with GTA IV, but I've done it many times with Mass Effect 1 and GTA San Andreas.

    I feel for you, man, even if you didn't lose that much it's still frusturating.
  3. that shit sucks, but i've been there.
    my cousin accidentally saved over my 120+ hour character in oblivion a long time ago...needless to say, his character's save on my xbox "mysteriously" disappeared haha
  4. Hell, at least you can play the game. I let my friend borrow GTA IV and Episodes From Liberty City went missing. :( At least I have Saint's Row 2.
  5. I got back to like 10 percent in an hour so its not that bad at all. im in hungary now for a week so i cant play though lmfao
  6. Bummer.

    I had my GTA IV disc in my Skate 2 case and I lost it. :(
  7. The game is literally like 15 bucks, so if you really wanted you could buy it again :D
  8. Ha this thread reminds me of when San Andreas was released me and my friend beat it to 100% 3 or 4 times.. fun times fun times.

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