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  1. Whats goin on GC :cool:

    GTA Vice city, GTA III, and GTA San Andres are all on the mac store for 15 bucks now. I can only get one right now but if you were to pick between them, which one would you pick?

    I've only really played san andres, and I just messed around on it didnt do many missions besides the first couple.

    So which one would you pick and why? I've tried to do some research of my own but everyones so varied (some people swear to vice city just because of its soundtrack... which could make or break a game when your really stoned :smoke: )


    (And no need to tell me macs suck or buy it for a console or whatever, thats irrelevant haha but I guess you can yell at me if you feel that strongly about it)
  2. San Andreas. Hands down the best GTA game ever, and one of my favourite games. DO IT NOW
  3. Ya san andreas is the best gta out of them all

    I think second would be Gta4

    Then Vice City
  4. Most definitely San Andreas, it's so awesome.
  5. Way for everyone to miss the point of the thread. OP said he already has San Andreas and 4's not an option.

    Get Vice City. Get III if you played GTA 4 and really liked it, but a lot of people didn't, in which case Vice City is a game with lots of character and a great 80s feel to it.
  6. u drunk bro? he didnt say anywhere he had San Andreas...

    get San Andreas OP, its the shit

  7. ahlol reading comprehension fail. he said he played SA, he doesn't own it
  8. Too hard to say.
    III if you want a decent story and don't wanna miss the like three cameo appearances in VC/SA (same happens from VC to SA but with a fair amount more if I remember correctly).
    VC if you want the coolest story (80's style mix of Scarface and the like, lots of coke).
    SA if you want an awesome story, to hang about in the hood and have enough stuff to do to keep you occupied for a hell of a long time.
    I reckon anyway.:smoke:

    VC has probably got the best soundtrack, though I dunno SAs was awesome too.
    III had half of the 'Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires' album on K-Jah, which is one of the best dub albums of all time in my opinion.
  9. Just want to add that San Andreas is the ONLY GTA where you can fly a JET:eek: badassness.
  10. SA, but there may be a bundle on steam if you look.
  11. Vice City for the story. San Andreas for the sheer ridiculous amount of fun you'll have playing it.
  12. If you want a story get a F'in book! Not a video game.
    Go for SA.
  13. SA, has the most replayabilty IMO... Vice had a better storyline but you can do way more in SA.
  14. ^^^^^^
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    its a tough choice lol. san andreas is fucking sweet i really loved that game but 3 and vice citys are better imo. i think if i had to pick 1 out of the 3 it would be 3 i have some good memories with that game lol.

  16. Why should one have to settle for having to choose one or the other?

    Mediocrity is not excellence, despite what the media would like you to believe.
  17. Haha word thanks guys. And to clear up yeah don't own SA I've just played it. And being a creative writing major I can appreciate a well done storyline, but I'm gonna go with SA. Thanks dudes!
  18. What the hell are you talking about?

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