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  1. who's on at least a couple times a week and plays missions often?

  2. I already finished the whole game on 360. But I recently got a PS4 so I'm waiting for it to come out so I can do it all over again on the PS4! 
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    Sorry, I meant online man! do you play online?
    P.S. lucky bastard...
    I cannot WAIT to play this game with updated graphics engine.
  4. I probably will once it comes out on the PS4.
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    Considering it's in my plans to get a PS4 (whether my wife likes it or not), we shall cross paths on the streets of vinewood soon my friend....
  6. Yo, what's up my fellow gamers :D

    I'm on right now Broadcasting live gameplay. If ANYBODY wants to watch live your support is very much appreciated. Just take your computer, smart phone or tablet, it is best on the computer, and go to It's available as a website or app.

    Just find the search button which is pretty easy, then search for my name dynamic_outlaw, my wife and I are both playing and we have a camera if you guys want to turn on and watch us have fun.... Fun on the game of course... Lol. We're up enjoying our coffee and cannabis and some games so come join us on twitch for Friday the 13th, Dynamic_outlaw on Thanks... peace and rock 'n roll ...\\m/...

    Grow With Me: @]http://forum.grassci...indoorgrow.html

    Grow With Me: @]http://forum.grassci...indoorgrow.html

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