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GTA 5 help - Trevors Hiest

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by scout695, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. How the fuck do you get to the actual mission. I've got the submarine thing, but now it won't let me get the helicopter. I've done all the missions it's told me to do and I can't figure out how the hell to get the actual mission started. I'm about to throw my xbox through the fucking window. Anybody care to tell me what the hell i'm supposed to do?

  2. Your save is fucked start a new one imoSent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
  3. There should be an icon on the map marked as Hs or H for "Heist"
    If it doesn't show up while playing as Trevor, try switching to another character. You might have to complete that specific objective as Franklin or Michael.
  4. you're bullshitin right?
    Try what I said before deleting your save, I doubt your save is fucked up
  6. A lot of times you just have to wait
  7. Switch threw out all of the characters. I'm way past that mission
  8. that's the thing though, the icon for the hiest won't show up. i've already gotten the submarine and now nothing about the hiest will show up. i went to the range with franklin and got mostly silver medals. 
  9. Go to flight school with michael
    Then try doing other missions as all 3 characters, until the Heist marker pops up. Without spoiling anything, don't worry so much about getting this particular heist done. You'll know why when you complete it.

  11. Steal the helicopter from the air force base man.

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