GTA 4 or Assassins Creed?

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  1. Im about to get ripped and play some games. Should I play GTA 4 multiplayer mode or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood story mode? I beat the story for both so just for fun.
  2. Gta IV bra
  3. Bigger fan of AC
  4. Brotherhood!
  5. GTA 4 man... I set up a game last night and me and my friend had one hell of a time fucking around :D
  6. GTA IV has a pretty fun story mode, and the multiplayer is pretty wicked if you know a few people who have it but it does get old after awhile.
    Can't say much about AC brotherhood.
  7. Brotherhood. It's a vast improvement on other AC games.
  8. brotherhood if your into AC absolutely amazing game
  9. Depends how far you are, if you're at the end of both play GTA 4, of the two GTA 4 is more fun to play with other people around, and AC:B is much more fun to play alone.
  10. lol are we still discussing this a day later..... what if op is still sitting there with the bowl loaded just like "what game do i play..... shit.... what do i do" lol.....
  11. GTA4. Obviously.

    AC isn't worth it 10 dollars. In fact, it isn't worth trying if it was free.
  12. Very wrong ^
  13. I'd agree with 1 and 2 but brotherhood was amazing for me. Maybe it's because i've always been interested in the Borgias and Rome is by far my favourate city but the whole thing was executed really well I thought.
  14. brotherhood is so detailed and say brotherhood. its just amazing.
  15. I've played all three and they've progressively gotten better. Original Assassin's Creed was very mundane, you had to kinda scout places and figure out how you'll execute your attack before killing someone. Then you'd have already seen your escape path and have to get away.

    In 1 and 2 you could basically kill anyone by countering them, which was very boring gameplay, but in 2 they expanded hugely on gameplay and I absolutely loved Venice and my favourite event was Carnivale with the mask for no notoriety.

    But in Brotherhood they brought more gameplay as well as improving the combat, bringing in a lot more spear guys (usually 2 spear guys, 2 daggers/2 swordsmen) where you could counter dagger/sword, but not spears. Then there would be borgia men with guns, some on horses, you couldn't disarm the brutes anymore which meant you had to kick or taunt instead.

    I just love everything about the games, and nobody will tell me otherwise.

    I also loved how they implimented Leonardo da Vinci into the 2nd and 3rd games.
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    You can defs counter spears, and disarm some of the brutes still, the timing was altered on those.... not sure why but i countered the spear a billion times with the hiddens, and a few times with the sword, you cut the spear in half and stab them with both halves lol.....

    I fuckin LOVE the AC series, but the first one lol..... its pretty much just like plug n play, you dont need anything but good counter timing to actually beat it

    My point still stands this threads 2 days old and OP probably picked which game to play for the night, 2 nights back HHAHAHAH

    EDIT: actually, that spear counter is when YOU have the spear, and you counter a sword (picked up guard spear that is) and they slice it in half, you stab hahahaha
  17. I loved the kill animations too, my favourites were the hidden blade and dagger during combat. My favourite stealth kill was with my mercenario war hammer where I bashed their skull twice and knocked them over.

    However I couldn't help but feel that the hidden blade was a bit overpowered in the game, not by much, but by a bit.
  18. brotherhood but only cuz i didnt really like gta 4, needs to go back to san andreas type shit that game was ill.
  19. Definitely

    I made it all the way to the end of the game just smashing x.

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