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    gsc window grow, fafard soil & window light from seed.

    Shot straight up over night wearing a full fucking face mask (seed helmet). lol
    Cotydelons were glued... days passed & I had to give it some help.

    Slow growth as expected, some stretching and hard lean towards light.

    (over watered, low light/big pot, etc.)

    Just having fun here, legit gsc grow no rules any suggestions welcome.

    Second set of leaves making way.

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    Update, more super slow growth & a bit of gloom.

    Weathers been shitty so not much light the last few days and we have some slight dropping and darkening of tips on the first set of leaves.

    Second set of leaves look OK just got a funky twist.

    I'm going to keep from watering for a few days, the clay pot keeps holding onto water. I just keep it offset on a plastic lid that acts as a drain pan. The clay pot does have a decent hole I just don't water so much as to see any actually drip. Is this OK? I poked a bit around from the hole and there's no clumps are anything just damp soil. Will this help the roots breathe / aid in draining water or should I keep it off the lip of the lid?

    I've also thought about breaking the edge of the pot that faces the window. Kind of an infinity pool like deal or is this a bad idea? I know I should have potted all the way up to the brim but oh well. I just think it wants to stretch higher than the rim if you know what I mean.

    I think the tips look a bit yellow but pollen did just get all over it. It might have something to do with the drooping especially because of the gloomy weather.

    My only plans are to add mycorrhizae, dolomitic lime & some kind of plant food. I'm open to suggestions so fire away.

    Just don't flame me ;)

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  3. Update!

    More super slow growth!

    No worries though, this was never meant to be too serious.

    I went ahead and got a hold of some organic plant food called garden tone by Espoma.
    Smells like chocolate funk lol
    About a tsp & a half went in and I dripped some water in there.

    Anybody want to suggest anything...

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