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  1. My plant now is 59 days old and 27 days into flower so it was in veg for 32 days I would like to think my plant will get bigger but it is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall the pistils started coming in last week and im curious to know when i will see buds forming, I know this Girl scout plant takes 9-10 weeks for flowering alone but am curious to know the outcome before hand my friend is telling me i will only get 3 grams or so from it what do you think? The lights I am using are two 26 watt Equivalent to 100 watt cfls and a 14 watt cfl all 2700k's 
    Lights are on 12/12 have been since January 9th, Have used nutes such as grow big in veg for a week or so and then big bloom and tiger bloom at the same time pretty much daily at about 5 ounces each


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  2. hey buddy, unfortunately, shes super small. My guess not enough light. I would double your lighting and get em inches from the plant

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  3. well I'll add I just finished with one grow..becsuse of space in height I started flower early,as in size,started flower at 11 inches she went to 39 done.all is different but average 2 to 3 times taller..of course all depends on many componants.but,sadly your plant will probably not produce much..figure best case 18 inches not much to yield bro..keep trying..its all about trial an error
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    Just my 1/2 cents
  5. So you're thinking my plant will produce how much buds? From reading what I read it says that plants only grow height until the pistils come in and then it puts all its energy into the buds and pisitils. not true?
  6. you might get a half a gram.
  7. Yeah right dude... Half a gram per space where they grow..
  8. Has anybody else done a mini grow of a plant the size of mine? What were your results?
  9. you're a month into flower and six inches tall with like 50 watts of cfl. bottom buds will be worth some hash, but not smokeable. not trying to be an ass, just trying to be realistic. but I don't think you'll get a half a gram of smokeable material from each budsite.

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