GSC Oil Smells Like Lemon

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    I got a "Kr8zy" cart yesterday GSC, but it tastes like lemon and that concerns me. The cart is counterfeit but i want to know if its dangerous to smoke. I smoked it once and it did get me high but it didn't feel the same way that my last GSC oil from a different brand did. I did the bubble test and it moves faster than my last oils but my friend looked at it and said it's still pretty thick. I don't know what to do.
  2. throw it out
  3. Any explanation?
  4. I guess all of that
  5. lol not all counterfeit carts are dangerous to smoke. I can't just trow it out thats money.
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  6. The lemon smell could be due to a terpenes added in. Maybe they put too much
  7. I could be fine...or poisonous...or fine. You make the call. We have no idea what is in your cart.
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  8. yeah I mean sounds like you've made your mind up.

    good luck
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  9. save your pennies kid

  10. Lmao I only accept venmo please and thank you
  11. So what are you gonna do to address your concerns then? You said it yourself. It concerns you. People here aren't going to just say "Man shut up and use it anyway"...if you're concerned either
    a: Throw it out.
    b: Find out how to analyse it, and do that...might involve a centrifuge?
    c: If you're going to just use it...even though you're concerned...I'd say...rethink that?
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  12. right?

    this kid gets pissy and upset at me because I told him to toss the cartridge after HE SAID its a fake. dangerous, tastes different.
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  13. I want to find a way to analyze it. Most of my concern comes from paranoia cause I know ppl who have bought from the same place I have and they're still alive and very not poisoned. I've had the GSC strain before from another brand but Idk if different brands have kinda different tastes for the same strain if that makes sense
  14. I just...yeah...if it concerns you, either investigate via the proper means though this would likely be timely and expensive, "decide to try it despite your own brains advice", or throw it out. Those are your options. I would lean towards listening to the advice he's giving himself already.
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  15. I never said it was dangerous, that's what I want to know. As I said before, not all fake carts are bad. My question is reasonable so if you have nothing insightful to contribute, there's no reason for you to be commenting.
  16. This is a good response. Non judgmental and straightforward. Thank You
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  17. I'm not sure how. You'd need to either see if there were any "test kits" available I suppose, other than that you'd be taking it to a lab. I mean pepsi tastes different from could just be a bit of brand to brand variation? But yeah...I lean away from risking my health to the point I won't even use, yeah, up to you. Be safe.
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  18. ^ this ^

    Is Literally the same thing I said. either throw it out. or decide to use it.

    if you can't afford to buy a new cart, you can't afford to get a test done on it.

    good luck
  19. Yea,
    Yeah, but he gave me a good argument. You did not.
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  20. The lemon smell might be a result of terpenes added in. Maybe they place too much.
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