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  1. So I decided to throw my hat into the growing ring after weeks of deliberating on what to get I decided to just get the lights and get to growing a plant. I had this poor bastard under about 75-100w of CFLs (3 hanging above) while trying to grow some bagseed sativa which btw got burned by the Miracle grow soil I transplanted it into and it never recovered. The GSC was transplanted into some organic potting mix and I've been using only organic fertilizer with it. Because it's my first grow I'm taking it as a learning experience and not trying to go nuts, I check it once a day, water every 4-5 days, I keep the area ventilated and all that jazz. I have noticed my fan leaves are gigantic, I always see people with kinda stringy looking plants whereas mine has a few giant leaves and then a bunch in the middle growing off new stems trying to creep out. I've been trying to pull them down and broke one of my bigger branches but on the bright side it's letting a lot more light to the middle of the plant.
    One thing that's strange is some of the leaves are having this weird plastic effect to them, like you can fold the leaf to be all inside out or you can have it lay naturally. In the pic I attached you can see in the bottom left set of leaves some crinkles showing what I mean.I spray the leaves down with ground water from a well but did for a period spray it with water that was purified which honestly I have no clue if that does anything.It's also the biggest leaves that do this, I dunno if that's significant or not.
    I also found a blue widow seed that I thought I killed in seedling in jiffy pellets because I accidentally yanked the little root tip but I left it in the light with my peppers & herb garden and after a week and half it started growing again. I'm unsure what to do with it because at this point I'd like to flip my plant to flower and find out what I'm working with for real.

  2. Over watered and heat stress

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