Gsc|Atomic Northern Lights: The Undertaking Of My First Grow

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  1. Warm Welcomes :wave:

    As a noob I wanted to open my VERY FIRST GROW up to the forums to document and to obtain as many helpful tips, advice, and any insight possible from such a diversely knowledgeable community! Starting off with a few clones to get my feet wet in hopes to gain knowledge & experience;which will hopefully ease the attempts of my next mission... Growing from seeds :blink:

    About the Girls & Feeding
    View attachment 118583
    Strain: (2) Girl Scout Cookies, (3) Atomic Northern Lights
    Clones: Rooted in Rockwool
    Medium: 75% Fox Farm Ocean Forest, 25% Perlite Mix
    Pot Size: 5gal Air Pots
    Water PH: 6.5
    Nutes: FF Grow Big, FF Big Bloom, FF Tiger Bloom, CalMag
    Stage: Vegetative Cycle 18/6

    About the Room
    Location: Indoor 4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent
    Lights: G8 LED 600 watt
    Rm Temp: 75-77 degrees with lights on, 72 degrees at night
    Rm RH: 51% steadily

    About the Setup
    1 Active Air 443 cfm 6in In-Line Fan
    1 6in clip fan
    1 Vornado 530L Compact Whole Room Circulator
    1 Honeywell Quietset 8 Speed Tower Fan
    1 Can-Lite Filter 6in 600 CFM Air Filter
    1 Hygro-thermometer
    View attachment 118592
    There are two fans located on the floor (one in each front corner) with the clip fan positioned
    above the plants in the back of the tent aiming down on the plants
    A closer look:
    View attachment 118581
    The clones which were already rooted in rockwool were welcomed into their new home 6/11/13 and have been planted into the grow medium. Here is some single shots of each:

    Atomic Northern Lights
    Amber 7 1/4in
    <div> View attachment 118585
    View attachment 118584
    View attachment 118586
    Rebbeca 7 3/4in
    View attachment 118593
    View attachment 118594
    Veronica 6 1/2 in
    View attachment 118595
    View attachment 118596
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Cookie 5in
    View attachment 118588
    View attachment 118587

    Courtney 5in
    View attachment 118591
    View attachment 118590
    View attachment 118589

    They seem to be adapting to the new environment well. There was slight discoloration on the tips of the ANL due to the position of the light being too close & drooping/curled leaves due to over overzealous watering.

    Now the journey into the first grow has begun!

    Suggestions, Tips, Advice, & Knowledge are all welcomed :hello:

  2. right on man, seems like youve done some homework looks good,
  3. Yes Ive been building this up for a while, hopefully it goes well!
  4. just dont over warter and be easy on the nutes! LET THE GROW BEGIN!
    So the girls have begun to perk up since the over watering & lighting with the ANL almost all reaching 9inches & the GSC heading toward 6inches! Decided to introduce name tags into the mix for easy identification and am now thinking about topping the ANL to keep the height down & insure a fuller bush.

    Here's a few updated shots:
    View attachment 118747
    View attachment 118751
    View attachment 118750
    View attachment 118749
    View attachment 118748
    View attachment 118742
    View attachment 118741

    View attachment 118746
    View attachment 118745
    View attachment 118744
    View attachment 118743

  6. Looking good!   Can't wait to see your journey with LEDs.   I've been thinking about building a set for supplemental lighting around the edges of my tent.  
    Best of luck! 
  7. Thanks so much! Yes Im stoked to have the LED's so much less of a hassale...
  8. Plants are beauties, for sure. Gonna be watching close cause i'm about to start my first LED grow. Good luck! :)
  9. Thanks Man! Im trying my hardest to make it work out great.
    BTW I friggin love your signature SO TRUE!!!
  10. wow looks awesome!
  11. :cry: :cry: :cry: So the girls are starting to get yellowing on the leaves. While I looked up the causes and have seen my coloration is equal to that of potassium deficiency I am looking for any helpful info that aid with the flushing of the soil. I saw the the addition of lime to the soil or Big Bloom & flushing will solve the problem but anyone know of anything better?

    Here's a few pics:
    View attachment 119021
    View attachment 119020
    View attachment 119019
    View attachment 119018
    View attachment 119017
    Also thinking about transplanting them, theyve only been potted for a week.
    Hoping to get back there ASAP

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