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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rayday8point5, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. My little brother told me he was going to grow. I was excited at first because being off at college and having the chance to smoke the good shit when i got home sounded like a good idea. He told me he was going to grow in a storage unit. I told him no but he said he already had a unit purchased. is a new facility with one employee who is 26yrs old and leaves at five. He is the only occupant in his specific building. He didnt have to give his name. If this is all true i want to help my brother not get caught.......Can anyone tell me the safest, but easiest way to grow in a storage unit???
  2. I wouldn't do it if I were you or your brother. Once the unit starts to stink, AND IT WILL, there will be all sorts of law enforcment knocking at your door. Also, it would be a little suspicious if you are using $30 a month in electricity in a little storage unit. And you have to figure out whether or not the unit will be provided with enough electricity to run all the equipment such as the lamp (a 400W MH or HPS uses about 5 amps), circulation fan, and exhaust fan. I would think small storage units would only provide enough juice to run a couple of fluros, just enough to light up the space so you can see in there.

    On top of that, you have a 26 year old working there. Yeah, he may not Narc on you, but he sure as hell will be suspicious of the smell and all the trips you make to the unit. All he has to do is mark off on a calendar when you start growing and he'll have a rough estimate as to when he should steal it.

    You also have to consider how you will ventilate it. The plants need fresh air constantly. You can't just vent into the building as it will stink up the whole place. So you have to vent it outdoors, which if you can picture it, would look very suspicious. And also how you are going to control temperature and humidity. Its not so easy to do if you are not living where the plants are. Unless of course the storage unit is very close to your house.
  3. Well the units are climate control or anything so there is plenty of air cirrculation because I assume they arent insulated.
  4. Oh ok, but that still leaves the ventilation, smell, and 26 yr old employee to ruin it all. This sort of thing needs to be done in an area that is controlled solely by you and nobody else. I am running into my first problem already. I have ants in my house since spring is on the way but I can't have an exterminator come to the house because he will see the plants. So basically, what I am saying is that growing is not easy, yet its easy to get caught. The more you are in control of the environment in which they will grow, the better chances you have of producing a good harvest, and less chance of being caught.
  5. Well I will let my brother know what you said, thanks for your help, but he will probably end up getting caught
  6. Well, I really hope not. Tell him to get an ozone generator or some industrial strength deodorizing spray to help with the smell. Ozium works well. Good luck and try to be as stealthy as possible.
  7. even the dealers who store their shit in storage units always get popped, 2 main reasons. smell and too much traffic. i have never heard of anyone who successfuly grew in a storage unit. bad idea. if the 26 year old knew what was up, and im sure it wouldnt take long for him to figure it out, like Blaze said, whats to stop him from rippin your bro's labor? your brother could loose both ways because he doesnt even know what side he stands on.

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