Grunge Off: EZ Clean?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by sinsemillaplease, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Anybody know what this new Grunge Off product is all about? I'm guessing it's an instant cleaner of some kind, given that super soaker is for soaking.... but that's just my best guess. :confused_2:

    Whatever it is.. I know I want it. :D
  2. i got a ? about GO. have you seen the other grunge off bottles that are not black? i saw them on ebay and was wondering if they are the same company or not.

    i don't know how they could make anything better than the soaker unless like you said its an instant cleaner.
  3. I've seen those other "Grunge Off" bottles too... in a shop in Columbus. They were translucent with old school style plain block letter print on them. They had two kinds that were two different colors.... neither the same color as Grunge Off: Super Soaker. I didn't buy them then because I had never heard of GO before and I'm glad I didn't. I doubt they were made by the same people... they looked really low budget.. but maybe an early version. :confused_2:

    Another blade mentioned seeing some "Grunge Off" powder as well.
  4. I actually have that welfare-version of GO and I love it. It's reusable just like the black bottled ones too. It works like a charm and leave it smelling herbally fresh (Its herbal scented. Not "Herbal" scented to all the stoners out there :D). A quick 5-7 minute soaking of my diffy in the grunge off and a warm rinse leaves it sparkly clean. No shaking or scrubbing necessary.
  5. I use GO, it works really well. I have used many other glass cleaners and GO is the only one that takes only 1 soak, for a very short period of time.
  6. So maybe it is just an early bottle of Grunge Off in cheap packaging?
  7. I'm guessing you missed the OP.... he he. Caught ya slippin' ;)
  8. I'm not sure what you mean? lol

    Just stated my opinion on the subject =\

  9. i think sinsemillaplease was asking about the EZ clean GO not just the original version..

    i have not used the EZ clean yet, but it does sound, easy?
  10. Maybe. They have the same "Wave" design on their bottles and the taller bottles are the exact same shape. The black bottle is probably just a re-design of the original one with a different name and smell...


  11. From my personal use, that other version of GO is complete CRAP. I soaked my double perc roor with it overnight, and it didnt even clean any of the trees. But yet instead, left a white residue all over the inside. So from there i picked up a REAL bottle of GO and soaked it, which left it sparkling clean:D with ZERO residue. So anything but the real GO is a waste of money IMO.
  12. Dunno what the hell was in your first bottle but my GO cleans my perc'd toro without a problem.
  13. This is the crap i was talking about, not sure if you have this one or not. Got it at this local hippie shop


    Whenever i use that stuff, no matter what piece of glass i soak, it leaves this white residue all over. Now i only clean my glass with 99% ISO or the Real Grunge Off. Like they say, you get what you pay for :p
  14. Haven't used Grunge Off in Ages.....Now its Simple Green
  15. Get simple green it is the same thing but can get a 2 liter bottle at wal-mart for $7 and it is reusable, biodegradable, nontoxic, and everything that grundge of is
  16. That is not good for cleaning bongs... The reason it is leaving a white residue is because that contains sodium metasilicate which is white powder (known as water glass or liquid glass) that is soluble in water but will leave that white residue behind when not enough water is present

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