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  1. I just germinated the seeds and their about to sprout hopefully , my only problem is I CANT WAIT FREAKING 8 WEEKS! lol im srry im just wondering if theres a faster way of growing ,... im just a noob at this too and this is my first plant i got inspired by all these elite growers like sid and such well if u have a clue how soon i could smoke it let me know .
  2. Thats a very hard question to answer. I'm also just a newb to growing but from what I understand with over 1000 different strands, ranging from short growth high yield long cure buds to tall buds that have higher yield and less potency growing up to 16' and taking years.

    I believe the average grow time is about 60 days give or take if you just want to smoke it when it starts budding.
  3. yea.

    ever see that episode of gilligans island where they got some radioactive seeds and they grew carrots and green beans in 3 days?????????

  4. 3 to 4 months in the soil indoors
    2 to 3 months hydro

    You can't rush mother nature.
  5. Indoor, soil, can be done in 45days under ideal conditions but you wont have much to show for it.
  6. welll im not really wanting to "show it off " right now just smoke it heh im really wanting some weed right now and i dont wanna buy it lol thx for the info , another thing a 150 watt light should grow one plant for now <indoors> if im wrong tell me , like i said im just a noob and lovin this website and the experts
  7. 150 watt HPS would be a good place to start for ONE plant maybe 2. Plan on at least 2-3 months tho I know its hard to wait but beleive me its worth it.
  8. thas what i got im gonna have to try to wait ......I CANT TAKE IT ANYLONGER!!!..... lol im jk anyways my friend is getting some bud because hes rich and wants some too so ill be able to smoke some tommorrow thx for the advice .and if anyone lives in AL pm me and well talk ...maybe even smoke together who knows

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