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  1. I'm trying to vote in a poll and it keeps saying my session may be invalid. I've tried at least 7 times. I closed it out and opened it back up. I apparantly can do other things!! Why??? Why am I having trouble. I'm not that freakin' high. I will be by the time someone reads this but I just want to vote.
  2. Mary Jane,

    Please mail kees abou this problem, maybe he can solve it.


  3. Ok, I'm gonna try one more time. It may work now that I'm ripped!

    Thanks SJ!
  4. worked
  5. Another sign that most of us are computer stupid until we get smarter by being ripped!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well i got to get ripped again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. LOL that helirious (how do you spell that btw?)!

    Maybe some of us get special powers when they are high!

    just wondering, what poll was it? (considering you kept trying and was mad that you couldnt vote on something at this site, which is kinda of pointless)
  7. oops, noticed 8 days late, nvm, u probably forgot by now

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