grrrr germinating problems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hippiedude, May 21, 2006.

  1. ok so i got bout 30 seeds from my bud and i started germin them on wednesday. its now saterday. i checked on them and finally saw one crack open on thursday but now (saterday) its still in that same place. the other two ive tried havent changed at all. is this normal??? id assume a tap root would have shot out after 3 days after cracking open. my setup is inbetween two papertowels which i mist twice a day. there in a tupperware thing with the lid ON. i also put them on a heat blanket on LOW. the room is roughly 73 degrees f. using distilled water. am i doing something wrong or am i just too impatient? also i got a few questions...

    1. anybody favor soaking them in complete water for 12/24 hours b4 papertowel?
    2. any other ways besides papertowels?
    3. should i keep the lid on all day except for a few minutes each day?

    any other comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i think im just really impatient but i ant help thinking im not doing it right.
  2. you got it right dude soak it in water for 12 to 24 hours then place in a game or DVD case(the part the Manuals and shit go) with the paper towel method you should also place them on top of a heat source I like to put them on top of my T.V since its always on then just wait till you see taproot about an inch long then plant em facing down
  3. ok and i should keep the lid on all the time? and how long would you estimate it shgould take b4 the one with the crack shoots a root?
  4. 12 hours or so if you you pre soak them
  5. and im suppost to keep the lid on 24/7?
  6. I've only done this once before, but in all my reading it seems like everyone gets their paper towels damp and then just closes the tuperware and checks it a few days later. I did read that if they haven't germinated in 2 weeks then they aren't viable seeds. So if it were me, I'd stop misting them and just let them sit a few more days to see what happens. Maybe they're just slow starters or something.

  7. soak em for 24hour or a little less in a cup of water the ones that sink are the ones you wanna fuck with (the ones that sink are the ones that soak in the water the best) i germ by getttin a wash cloth then i get it damped and put them in the wash cloth folded over and put it in a zip lockbag with no air. I think this is better than the paper towel method because you dont have to keep waterin it over and over
  8. ok sounds good ill just keep doin what i was doin
  9. hey buddy you got the wrong info the ones that sink are the ones you throw away
  10. Just for fun once i decided to throw the seeds i found in some homegrown into a cup of water after two days 1 of them had the tap root showing and continued to float- about half of the rest sank to the bottom and i continued to let them all sit. After a few more days two of the seeds at the bottom had their tap roots exposed as well. Basically, i don't think seed bouency is a great indicator of a sucessful seed and i'd try throwing them all between wet paper towels. What do you have to lose?

  11. the thing about growing pot is dont jump to conclusions always wait it out

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