Grrr, Doctors.

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  1. I don't know what it is about doctors, but for some reason whenever I go to them they find some way to make my life worse.

    Long story short; About six months ago, I left a specialized clinic that was treating me because they just kept pumping me full of drugs even though I tried to express to them that I /didn't/ want anymore! And they weren't even needed drugs, they were drugs to solve the problems the first round of drugs created. So, I went off completely of all drugs and started a mmj program that I built up after some research. I'm still working on it, but it works way better than any of those prescriptions ever did.

    Well, I went back to my old, primary doctor that had referred me to the clinic. I explained how much the prescriptions just wrecked havoc on my body and that I was going to go into a more alternative way of trying to solve the problem. She was fine with this since she had suggested PT and TRX-training and mindfulness and all that good stuff. But then as I was about to leave, she wrote me a prescription.... because I sounded congested. And I was like "Oh... I'm always like this though" and she looked at my ears/nose/throat and was like "Well, I think this would really help you." Having a soft spot for my primary doctor (which is why she's my primary) and after having explained my horrible experience with prescriptions before, I figured she must be making a wise decision that was needed. So I got this nose spray that's like a steroid.

    Since I've been taking it, I've gotten increased nausea, some of the weirdest and worst headaches ever, anxiety and irritation up the wall. I'm constantly itchy and I feel like throwing everything in sight across the room.

    My hubby looked up the medicine and found that all of those symptoms were from starting up the nasal spray. Maybe it was just the side effect of the spray, but I was super pissed. I still am. How dare that doctor listen to me explain how I didn't want any more prescriptions drugs that would tear down my body, and then give me one that I didn't want for something I didn't come in for that ended up being a terrible idea for me (Females in their 20s often get horrible headaches with the spray, I see my doctor cuz my primary problem is headaches!)

    Now, my doctor wants to solve the problem by starting up an SSRI, which is ridiculous because I went off one because that ALSO gave me horrible side effects too.

    Why can't doctors understand that some patients can't be fixed with just prescription drugs? Why do they ignore all these horrible side effects and try to solve them by giving me more random drugs?

    Fuck doctors. They don't know my body. If they don't even care to learn about my body's chemistry and its reactions, then I'll just have to figure it out myself. *gathers medical books and goes off to study in a huff*

  2. most doctors were taught with curriculum from the pharmacuetical incustry and just like other americans, can be easily tricked by false propaganda if the lie is repeated enough, so most doctors simply DON'T KNOW any better, because they weren't taught better

    what you can do: i know someone who goes to a 'natural' doctor who doesn't perscribe any drugs and rather than poke and probe and what not to see whats wrong, this doctor can tell by using your muscles, basically he will have you hold your arm up and match the pressure he puts on your arm with upward pressure and i think he like feels different parts of your arm, and when your arm suddenly gives out, than he can use that to tell what your body needs and rather than drugs, he perscribes certain diets and sometimes herbs to help, mmj ain't legal here so not that but i would say look into seeing one of these doctors, get away from the pharmecuetical industry who has no interest in your health and see someone who actually know what they're doing!
  3. That's awesome. Do you have a link to that doctor's site or what kind of title he uses (like; what alternative healing is that?) so I can see if there is one around here like that?

  4. your Dr, and let the quack know why...he failed to listen to the patient, instead did as a pharm-corp wanted.

    Then file a complaint with the states medical board...

    people are just to prone to let these sort of things happen without retort. stand up for your rights as a patient.
  5. Big pharmaceutical unfortunately runs the medical industry. They pay doctors to push their drugs. That's not to say I'm against prescription drugs, because that couldn't be farther from the truth. I've never really had a bad experience, but I do know plenty of people who have.

    But I have had it to where I go in to a doctor's office, explain the problem, say I don't want this particular drug, and they instead insist on it. In that case I take the prescription but just don't fill it.

    I am kind of saddened by the fact that the current system basically makes it so that people become doctors to get rich, rather than to help people.
  6. Find a naturopath doctor, one who is preferably not just as polarized to natural stuff as regular doctors are to synthetic medicines.

    It's hard to find a doctor that is right in the middle.....who understands you can use natural medicines for a wide range of uses...but that there are some man made medicines that are a better choice.
  7. they're called naturopaths as that guy said^^
    the one that my friend goes to understands it the way it should be, MOST common issues can be solved naturally, however man made drugs are properly used as a last resort, in which case they can have wonderful results and save lives, the prob with most doctors these day is that they see drugs as the solution to everything, from simple headaches to not sleeping well etc.
    her doctor's name is dan young.

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