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  1. Hello, I have been smoking marijuana for about 5 years now, Im so tired of spending money on bud, so I've decided to grow my own. I know how to germinate and all that stuff, but I need some help 1st. I want to buy all my supplies before I start the grow, that way I'll have everything I need already. Just a few questions. If you know the answers I would love to hear them, links to websites would be great! Once I get them planted I'll keep updating you all!

    1.What is a reliable website that you can buy seeds that actually produce. I'm tired of paying money and none of them working. Also, do they take money orders because my mom would see it on the credit card bill?

    2.I only plan on planting 2-3 plants inside at the moment due to space. What are some good lights to use? I've heard alot of controversy over which lights are best, any suggestions? The cheaper the better, because I dont want to spend everything on a light

    3.Is there anything I can do to keep the electric bill down? I've also heard that your bill will spike due to the lights and could look suspicious to outsiders such as the electric company or the apartment place.

    4.What all fertilizers/chemicals will i need throughout the grow? Obviously I'll need something, I just don't know what? a 20/20/20? If you all could tell me what I need from start to finish that would be great so I can buy everything now.

    5.Timer for the lights? Where can I get this?

    What medium is best to grow in? Soil?

    I appreciate all of your time and suggestions. Thanks alot! Stay high my friends!
  2. If your mom would see your credit card charges, does that also mean you are living in her house and are planning to grow there?
  3. welcome to GC!

    a reliable seed bank is the attitude seed bank. a lot of people buy from them, there is also a seed bank forum a few spots down from this one.

    a lot of first time browers are using cfl lights. you can pick them up from lowes, home depot, walmart, and other places like those. there the light bulbs that are twisted, you need 2 kinds. 6500k lights for veg and 2700k for flower.

    the lights wont cause that big of a spike in power useage.

    you need diff ferts for flower and veg, i cant remember NPK totals for dif stages but u can search to get that answer.

    you can get a timer from the same place you get the lights.

    soil is good to start in, hydro might be too advanced.

    all the questions you asked could be answered from reading the stickys at the top of the forum. i suggest you read thru them, here is the beginners guide to growing, after finishing it move on to the cfl guide, ph guide, ect.
  4. No, my girlfriend has an appartment, but my mom still pays for some things like phone bill etc. The credit card is in her name so everything gets billed to her. She would FLIP out if she saw that I bought seeds with her card online. Thanks you guys!
  5. you can use a pre paid credit card. i heard the walgreens giftstogo cardis good to use.
  6. How does that work?????
  7. go in to walgreens and get the giftstogo prepaid card. they sale them in 25, 50, and 100. so if you want the $50 take that card to the register and pay 50 plus tax and there you go. then go online and use it like a regular credit card.
  8. for starters, why not get some decent bag seed and grow that first.

    stick them in moist dirt, leave on your window sill, put a CFL light from Walmart on it.

    CFL, GE has a 6500K along with a $3.88 timer Walmart.
  9. ok I'm going to the walgreens today to get a card. Dont I need another light for flowering?

    ps, I saw these seeds online that are auto flowering, what does that mean?
  10. did you read the stickys? they will tell you everything you need to know.

    yes you need different lights for flowering. 6500k for veg 2700k for flower.

    autoflower plant automatically start to flower. they start flowering on there own instead of you having to change the light cycle from veg to flower.
  11. I agree that you should start practicing with bagseed. I love using t5 high output floro's. they do great vegging with blue spectrum bulbs, and you can even flower with them if you switch to red spectrum bulbs. they dont jack up the electric bill and dont produce a lot of heat.

    BTW, if you buy seeds from nirvana, they stealth ship, and also on your credit card, it's lists a sale to, and this is way better than showing a charge to weedseeds, hahahah

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