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growth spurt

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by steve edg, May 22, 2004.

  1. HI TO ALL .i've been growing for some time now and seen everyone of my babies from start to finish but this time my crop wasn't ready and i was due to go on holiday so i left them fir 2 weeks the result was the buds have grown huge since i've been awayi'm not sure if it's because they were given some time with no messing with them or just because i haven't seen them for a thing is for sure it looks like this will be my biggest harvest to date,i know i won't be as worried next time i have to leave them to fend for themselves
  2. HIGH All, right on steve edg...yes I too agree when not seeing the girls for days or weeks (shudder at wks) you most definatly see some growth you wouldn't notice if you were there's why one of my Bestest Buddies only wants to see the girls every few weeks..he say's "he appreciate's it more".
  3. l have to look at mine everyday.:D

    anything could and does go wrong .

    last week was the exhust fan seizing up and nearly setting on fire.:D

    2 weeks ago its was the timer on the water cycle.

    before that it was a tank,theres always something.
  4. Hell, not only do I check my babies everyday, I hang out with 'em when I'm out of things to do. They're beautiful in my eyes. Of course, the more red my eyes are, the better they look! :D

  5. HIGH All, same with them in the morning and when the light comes back on back in I go..Rocdog say I spend more time with the girls than her *LOL* I must admit they do get my undivided attention.
  6. I too Make frequent checks, most everyday in veg room and flower room. every so often ill find a bug and kill it. i spend about 10 to 15 mins a day with them. the two that are flowering are of course the best to look at. Duh? Ive been gone from the city for a while but today im back, i gotta show the city what they helped me create. i never believed that a person cant get kind bud from a bag seed (Schwag) if grow correctly. hopefully i can show you all what i mean in the journal section. check on those ladies at least once every three days id say....

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