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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Dr. Chr0n, May 3, 2006.

  1. I've got a plant under a 400W HPS in a DWC. This originally was a test, its from bagseed. I never expected it to last more than a few weeks, but then my clone hookup got fudged and I never got anything better. It's been stressed multiple times, going from one tub to another, for about four days it was running on a single shitty airstone and it almost died... its not the prettiest plant, but hey its got mad herb on it. Right now its on day... 90 of bud. The lights were switched to 12/12 on February 2nd after 28 days of veg. After the air pump went down and the thing nearly died, I put it in a fresh nute solution and it started regaining its health. I'm wondering though... how long will this beyotch go? I know some sativa strains can go 120+, but there is absolutely no sign of red hairs, they're all white, and crystals keep getting produced. Its even growing new shit at the tip tip top of the plant every day. A good majority of the leaves crumble, and some of the side stems will actually just break off... so I'm guessing the plant got damn near completely dried out. Any opinions? I'm really curious why none of the hairs are turning orange, I would think that if it was dieing/dead, they'd wither out, but nope, they are straight up and at attention.

    Sorry I don't have any pics, no cam..
  2. Hi Doc.
    90 days in flower is an awful long time. Most strains (even sativas) have ripened by then. Also, not all strains have hairs that turn orange. The best way to tell if they are ready is to (1) look at the trichs under a 10x glass or a microscope, (2) cut some off, dry for 24hrs and smoke it. I would think that after 90 days and halted growth it is ready to be chopped and enjoyed. Don't let it go too long as this will start to REDUCE potency. Good luck.
  3. That's what I was kind of thinking.. My bro came by today and checked it out and he holds the same opinion. I can't find my scope right now but once I do I'm gonna check it out. It's in a DWC so I need to at least flush the nutes for a few days.. hope its not too bad.
  4. thats way to long, its probably past its peak but some is better than none, radio shack has 60-100x microscopes for around 10-20$, you can't see anything with a 10x, thats like for jewelers not for trichomes
  5. I chopped it down Friday evening. Grand total wet weight: 461 grams. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :hello:

    That was totally unexpected. I figure I'll be hovering around 6 ounces dry. That's about four more than I ever expected from this girl, unhealthy as shit and still pumpin it out.
  6. were those buds manicured begore weighing? If so, that's real impressive for almost killing the thing :D
  7. The 461 grams is manicured and ready to be hung! I was highly impressed. They dried for three days and are now in jars curing nicely. I'll come back after I get a total dry weight, but we've already smoked a bunch of it. All the popcorn buds are wrapped up thai style around a stalk.

    I don't even know if I really should have cut it, there were still flowers being produced, some that hadn't even popped open yet, and some that were just opening. I'm beginning to think she could have went another couple weeks and pushed out even more! After 94 days though.. I was getting worried I'd go in there one day and it would be toast.
  8. i hope there wasnt confusion here .... you count the daze of the flowering cycle from the FIRST SIGNS OF SEX ... not from the time the light cycle was switched...:eek:
  9. And it was all stolen yesterday! woo!! Someone broke into my place with a crowbar and stole my jars. That's what I get for bending the golden rule.
  10. They stole your curing bud?
    Shit, that sucks man.

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