growth rate of my plants?

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  1. hey im just looking for a little advice i guess. this is my second grow and i just want to know a couple things about my plants. i will link this post to my lil journal. i am curious about the size of my plants tomorrow will be day 28 from planting. at this point one plant is much larger than most of the others. I am wondering if it is where it is supposed to be and the others are behind or if it is ahead and the rest are fine. i am posting this because i didnt get any traffic on my journal and i would just like someone with more exp than myself to let me know what they think. to sum it up i just wanna see if im doin this stuff right.
    heres the link
  2. [​IMG]this is the pic that shows what im talkin about
  3. Those look like some healthy ass plants. Not all plants grow at the same rate, you're fine.
  4. Yea man they look good. One could be bigger because its a different strain. Although they look exactly alike.

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  5. @graphuto thanks.

    @gingerholic not bagseed. fem indoor mix from nirvana. u should check the journal for more info. i have blue mystic, bubbilicous, wonderwoman from nirvana coming along with citral skunk and something else i always forget.

    @rastareformed thanks. Well two are near that size but the one thats bigger started as one of the smallest. also its in a smaller pot. weird. maybe its just a beast. if u check the journal u can see all of them. one (#4) looks like a completely diff strain from all the rest.
  6. over the last day or so i ran into some problems. my ballast blew out during my light cycle. it was only off for a couple of hours prob like 4 or so at most. So when this was discovered they were put under a small cfl. a few hours after that i got 2 55 watt cfl and 1 42 watt cfl and put them under there for the rest of the night. they are currently still under that light on the same light cycle. i went and bought a 400/600 switchable ballast and a mh bulb. i am curious as to how bad this whole ordeal could be for my plants. should i expect a big shock or will they be mostly unaffected or will time only tell??
  7. It really shouldn't effect them that much. You'll be good, no worries.

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