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  1. Hey all, so I've grown before but I've never seen this. This year I tried something new and started my plants indoors before bringing them outside. I monitored temps and humidity, and kept the light schedule the same as it was outside where i live while they were growing. The were started first week of april and went out a month later. I went to check them last week and 2 things concern me. One, they got huge. Not a lot of leaf growth yet, but got SUPER tall. Like from 6-10 inches to about 2-2 1/2 feet tall each! They SHOT up. No deficiencies, and the node spacing isnt super tight like they were inside or like what I'm used to outdoors here, theres quite a bit of distance. Unfortunately i dont have pics as of yet only the befores. My other concern is i had a male. Now this is normal i know, but within a month of in ground, 2 months of age it had fully bloomed. This happened to be one of 2 mango plants i had, the other isnt even preflowering. Both seeds from the same bud. Also, the male is the shortest of them, the others tower over this one. Kinda clueless here lol 20190606_165833.jpg
  2. Let the pollen sacks open if you can, then collect the pollen in a paper bag or so.
    Now when you got enough pollen to last a while, kill it. When you have a good female that flowers early, is picture perfect, that that bag, and one or two of the budding limbs in there and shake. Now you got a couple limbs with seed and the rest is for smoking.
    Just an idea for making seed I used to do.
    Moving inside to outside even thought the light schedule is the same, sometimes causes preflower.
    I have a clone I put out, it went straight to flower. Now I got a 3 ft high bud and it's still growing.
    I'm gonna let it go just to see what happens, the rest of em' are doing like they should, and it's clones of the same plant. IDK weird
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  3. Ample heat and light does wonders for the plants health ....and size
    same with planting near good weeds as nettles supply volume (N)
    as for the internodes ....thats normal, a slight stretch typical of plants in flower

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  4. As always, thanks Vostok! Lots of knowledge
  5. Actually, not a bad idea, but i already killed it and disposed of the remains as it were
  6. Ah just food for thought
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