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  1. Ok
    On Jan 20th i flipped to veg 12/12
    But i have noticed little to no growth since, no stretching
    Soil medium Witt mg, cfl lighting about 250 Watts for 4 plants but no nutes at all jus tap water
    Could my reason for this be cuz i haven't used nutes considering i have been getting growth before this??

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  2. Pics would help. How old are they? They should be going nuts the first few weeks of 12/12.
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    They don't do much growing after the initial flip. The stretch will most likely come after they preflower. Also, if you haven't changed your spectrum of light to red yet, they won't stretch too much during this period. It will take a week or 2 for them to show sex and begin flowering.I use a mh/hps and generally keep the mh in for a week or so after flowering begins to reduce the stretch a little bit
  4. 2 of them are bout 5/6 weeks
    The other 2 are older don't recall exact
    It's 345 Watts off soft white cfl i was using daylight cfl 1390596214051.jpg

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  5. The 2 towards the top of the pic are oldest yet smaller due to lighting n temp issues when grow first started
    Here is the 4th plant 1390596528311.jpg

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  6. I should have specified if you had preflowers it will start stretching in a day or two. If you don't have them it will take a few weeks for everything to kick into gear.
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    Also, don't know when those pics were taken, they don't look happy. They are underwatered imo
  8. Thanx for feed back
    Pics were taken on 1/21
    Starting on nutes tomorrow
    As far as preflowers i have seen pistils on all 4 of the plants but i could be mistaken
    This is my 4th grow n I'm still learning

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