Growth is slow i think week 3 of flower...should she be more developed

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Tjmoe, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Maybe a little slow.

    Ditch the tin foil -it can create hot spots and doesn't reflect well in the first place- and move your light closer.

    Don't stress too much -the plant will hook you up in its own time, just guide it along until that day.
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  2. I'm just ready for this grow to be over I got everything I need now to grow properly this was my first grow.... Don't know what these brown spots are yet but I'm researching..... Week 7 of flower and buds are small I know it's lack of light I'm just out done with this grow....
    IMG_20170718_165108.jpg IMG_20170718_165124.jpg
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  3. Do you make the temperature vold enough?
  4. IMG_20170802_165717.jpg IMG_20170802_165648.jpg
  5. So yes. Been awhile since I have grown but I remember the key for me was those crazy nutrients and super cold conditions
  6. How does she look thinking about another week or so IMG_20170805_073720.jpg IMG_20170805_073743.jpg IMG_20170805_073702.jpg
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  7. I would say at least another 3 weeks.
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  8. Yeah, I guess that I'd agree with you. Pistils will change color, recede, and then bud building will take off.

    Get a cheap jeweler's loupe on amazon and check trichome color.
  9. They look milky to me.... But IDK can you tell by the picture
  10. I can't really tell either way, but the third picture really makes me think that the pistils have a way to go and that the cola could pack on some more weight.
  11. Those will not be ready in a week. Atleast 3 weeks. Be patient bro
  12. Yeah man just be patient, your really lucky to have a female your first try! I ended up with a male Sativa on my first attempt and just found out one of the ones I got now is another male lol. I really hope my big one is a female tho, I'm on my second grow. DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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  13. She looks so damn fine by the way lol
  14. lol I'm not OP, but I'm sure that Tjmoe appreciates the compliment!
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  15. Thanks I do
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  16. Sorry bout that lol, YOUR plant looks good! Not bad for a first shot either. It looks like its kinda on the Sativa side with the plant structure. You know what strain it is?
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  17. Some type of cheese auto
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  18. Ahhh, so it's an Indica hybrid eh? I happen to be smokin on some fire blue cheese lol it's been around over a month!
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