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  1. I remember looking around a site for chemicals and I recall a chemical called Gibberellic Acid that is a known plant growth hormone.

    Here is the discription from the site,

    This is an amazing material - great for science fairs. Gibberellic Acid is a very potent plant growth hormone. Very tiny amounts have profound and surprising effects on plants. Lettuce for instance, which grows in a small ball on the ground, can grow into a 10 foot tall 'tree' when a small amount of Gibberellic Acid is applied to the seedling. Varying amounts do different things and different plants will produce different results. Very tiny amounts are used, and a little goes a long way. Now sold with a convenient spray bottle and concentrated liquid. Easily diluted to any strength desired.
    Copyright © 2010 United Nuclear Scientific LLC.

    It costs $8.50 USD for the kit, which I believe is affordable to almost anyone. :D

    I would like to see someone to try this chemical on one of their plants and share the results.:D:D:D:D:D

    The website,

    Gibberellic Acid - $8.50 : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies

    Any comments or thoughts are welcome,

  2. Looks pretty interesting. Maybe you could toftt and try it out for us.
  3. hmm...sounds pretty awesome,i hope it doesn't force the plants to be male or some crazy shit...o w8..i think it does :eek:

    gibberellic acid for seedlings ???

    people already did the work for us :D
  4. Great link man! Very intriguing stuff. I wonder if this stuff could be used to create seeds from a GDP plant. That may be something I will have to experiment with.

  5. this is what you use to make feminized seeds dude~ :wave:

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