growth hormones, bud boosters, nitrozyme, plant-roids?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by vikingkong, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Comrades...I've been lurking here a while and reading, and have learned much. My thanks, this forum makes the world a better place. My question is this....I have seen numerous threads regarding growth hormones, such as triacontanol, gibberellin, nytrozyme and others, and also flowering agents which purport to inhibit plant height but encourage large increases in product mentioned was U-turn, or bonza bud, I've seen others, and in addition more natural or...less steroidy... sounding nutrient mixes that make similar such being earth juice. What is one to make of all this? Is there anyone who can sort work up a general overview and coherent explanation/timeline of which ones are worth using (if any, or is it all hype?), what interactions they might have with eachother, either inhibitory or synergistic, and when and how to employ them? And realistically, what degree of difference will such a regimen make? It would be a great service to have an article that sort of covered all the angles on this concept of plant roids in one place.

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