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  1. I am working on 4 plants currently but only one is really growing. the other three have come to a halt. I havn't seen any improvement in like the last week. They are only like 2 inches tall. 2 of them are still in solo cups but the one that is in a bigger pot hasnt grown either. what could possibly be going on? i tried to post pics but they are too big to attach-does anyone have any tips on that too? Thanks for the input.
  2. use photoshop to adjust your image size to whatever specifications this site requires. Alternatively, you can post your photos at or some other free photo hosting site and then link them here.

    As for the plants. We need way more info on all your growing conditions. The soil, nutrients (if any), whether or not the cups have drainage, the ave. temp and humidity, what kind of lighting, etc...
  3. If they have stopped growing and are in cups, I would say they are root-bound and need a bigger pot. Plant in at least a 6" pot for the transplant.
  4. ^^^^^^^ yeah proably rootbound,,,,,what is your light schedule?????? has the dark period been interrupted??????
  5. The light schedule is around 20/4. I'm not sure that they are rootbound b/c they are so small still. I mean they are not even an inch wide(from leaf tip to leaf tip) and less than 2 inches tall. I did transplant one of them to a bigger pot but I have not seen any improvements in that one either. I am not giving them any nutes now b/c they are still young and small.(maybe 3 weeks old) It seems like they got to this point and just halted. I will try to post some pics in a minute.
  6. Keep in mind that early seedlings are more interested in building roots than leaves.

    Once your baby sprouts, all it does is put out a couple solar panels to ensure survival through photosynthesis and then it starts focussing on building its foundation (roots) in preperation of the intensive growth during veg.

    Because of this, it is not that unusual for you to perceive a retardation in growth just prior to the real growth beginning.

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