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  1. I've got a room about 2 foot by 3 foot and 4 foot tall and a 200 watt fluorescant light. I have 3 computer fans but the temperature is goin up to 27 degrees celcius(80 F). Is this too hot?
  2. dude the temp in my closet gets to 35c :)
    I think 27 is in the normal range
  3. That is the top end of the ideal temp range, so you're OK. Be sure they get good intake of cool fresh air.
  4. im curious how you got the computer fans working. how did you hook them up?
  5. I hooked them up to batteries which isnt very efficient cos I have to replace them
  6. Batteries? All you need to do is find an old AC power supply in your junk drawer, like the one below for $8.00:


    Make sure it's 12V (12VDC) output. It will also tell you the amp output, you need a min of .5A (half an amp). No max on amps, the more amps, the more fans you can hook to one power supply. I have never seen one less then a half an amp. Most the junk ones around my crib are about 3 amps (able to hook 1 to 6 fans to it).

    Cut the small end off, strip the wires, plug it in and touch the PC fan's wires to the power supply's wires to find the correct fan rotation (won't matter).

    If it does not work then plug it in and touch the stripped wires to a drunk roommate's tongue (college days, what fun we had).

  7. Hello,

    Just thought I would mention the picture of the AC adapter above is a picture I took, and is on my website
    I don't mind its use, but do appreciate a linkback. Besides, people interested in "headshops" would no doubt be tickled by the psychedelic colorful eyecandy in the



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