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  1. alright, just for fun one day in study hall i made designs for my room for hydro or soil growing. its about 2'x7'x6' with a shelf from 6' to 8' or so...its pretty sweet dimensions methinks. anyways, using hydro with a siphon technique it would be possible for me to just turn lights on and off and occasionally make sure ph is fine and clean out a filter (microbacteria that eat roots or something like that could become a problem)

    The ozone- is it a deoderizer or does it help plant growth? on overgrow i read all about ozone and stuff but why is it significant in growth?

    if i were to grow just 1-2 plants in my closet (spaced about 2 ft apart with a light in middle, paint the walls white) would i need more than one light?

    i just realized how newbish i am *cry* once i loose newbism i have to treat those who help me to a crop or two
  2. well ozone is to kill the smell as far as that goes..

    as far as the hydro goes i have no idea. I have never done it. If its your first grow i would go soil. no need to do hydro unless you need it fast and BIG. Hydro is hard for a first grow because you have never seen how the plant acted and how the roots are supposed to look and how the plant is supposed to look. If you want to try it by all means do and keep us posted but if your a newbe make it ez on yourself and grow in some soil.

    as far as lighting goes... what are you planning on using a HPS light or a floro??? it makes a huge difference. as far as light goes I really see 2 options. many florecents or compact replacements. or a single HPS lamp. with 2 plants you could probobly get away with a single 70 watt HPS lamp. they are bright and would give you a desireable grow. if your room can handle the heat get a bigger one. just a thought.

    Grow on friend and good luck with it.

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