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    Okay so I'm making a 7'x14' grow room setup. I bought a 6k BTU wall ac unit to go into the room. Unfortunately I live in Arizona where it's 110 degrees in the peak of summer!! Also I have a 6" inline fan (350-450) & 4" blower (180) with a 600 MH/HPS lighting and I run the 6" inline through the light.( BTW it'll be in the garage, the only door to the grow room will be the houses door that leads from my room to the garage) So that should do the job as far as cooling goes but my main questions are one; where should I place the ac unit? In the wall pulling the air from outside the room or have it in the room not pulling the air in, just circulating the air inside? Two; I'll have the 6" fan hooked up to my lights pulling the air from the room through the light and up n out to the attic. Will this cause a problem with the ac unit if I have the ac unit in the wall? What are some good tips on making your grow room? Any rule of thumb to making one?? Thanks fellow growers!!

  2. Howdy, you're on the right track. Is the A/C a window unit or a stand alone? Either way you will have better cooling if the A/C can pull fresh air from the outside. Your light fan won't be an issue. Be sure to pull the air and not push the air. Run your lights at night as much as you can. For example if you're doing 18/6 have the lights off from about 10am-4pm or something similar, just not on during the high heat of the day. 6k BTU may not be enough. I have 18k and I'm in Denver and my temps can reach the high 70's in my room if I'm not watching. During veg your girls will want higher humidity so you may want to consider a whole room humidifier also. During flower you'll shut it off.

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