GrowPanel LED Lights from Sunshine Systems

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  1. Was curious if anyone has been using the Growpanel Pro 300w in particular. About to buy a couple of these and see how they do and if they can kick out some clones pretty effectively. Reason for LED is the grow room dont want any heat issues and I like the fact that 1000w equiv to 300w usage of electricity.
    I was planning on having a full LED tent where I would just pump out clones that were going straight into Flower for a nice consistent yield.
  2. I actually have led's and they put off a lot more heat than what you think..If its just for clones then just get a 24" T5 from Home Depot for 25 bucks..or use a few CFL's..Its much cheaper than led's and if its just for clones then it will work just fine..
  3. No i am using the LEDs for full growth. From the time the clones leave the cloning chamber they will be immediatelly flowered under the LEDs.
  4. I switched from MH/HPS to Sunshine UFO. For my needs it works fine, but I feel they are overly generous withn their coverage stats. I wound up wrapping my 10 gallon tote with a windshield reflecter to concentrate the light.

    I really like what LEDs do for veg, and especially early veg. I haven't tried cloning yet, but plan to do SOG.

    Compared to my 400 watt MH/HPS, the UFO helps the plants to develop a very significant root system (and main stalk), at the expense of early plant height- this is not a bad thing!

    The end result is a sturdier plant that should not need any support.

    Lots of excellent LED info in the Hydro forum
  5. Do you think I would see great results by adding a 300w LED (1000w HPS equiv) additionally to my 1000w HPS?
  6. Most of what I know I learned from hydro-grow-led website.

    Based on that YES, but why used a power hungry and heat generator when you don't need to? :rolleyes:
  7. Cause I already own it :) and I just wanna add to it which would be the LED
  8. If i'm not mistaken, Sunshine Systems still uses the 3-Band system, which is way outdated. I have seen their specs on another website that sells their products and if I'm not mistaken its 460nm, 630nm & 660nm...that's old school that you can pick up on ebay pretty cheap.. Watch a grow in progress so you don't waiste $1300 of your hard earned money. Pick a winner in progress, there's like 6 or 7 grows right now with different companies, just watch and learn. Good luck anyhow with whatever u do.
  9. So has anyone heard bout the Supernova LED system? SuperNova LED Grow Light Enhanced Spectrum
    They have the standard spectrum model or enhanced spectrum. If you use only the standard spectrum you still need some sort of T5 or HPS light to get the remaining red band that is needed, but apparently if you get the enchanced itll cover the entire red spectrum.
    More red=stocky/bushier plants correct? It has a switch so can control the red/blues so could even focus more Red since I am planning on flowering only. Ontop of the better nM it says they have 7 different boards at different angles which covers the common problem of all the LEDs being at the same angle and no different penetrating angles correct?

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