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  1. was able to put together an ok setup, i think, so here is my first attempt at growing. i'm using a 1" layer of perlite as a base in my pot with 90% coco coir with 10% perlite as small layers in the coco coir. i plan on using the nutrients in the picture after the first week or 2. I could use some advice on the best time to introduce nutrients. I've read that a seedling can grow for 1-2 weeks under its own nutrients is this accurate? Also I plan on introducing the nutes at 1/4 strength like ive been reading and work up gradually on a weekly basis, BUT is that the same with the cal/mag plus? i've read that when using coco coir that cal/mag is your best friend, so i was curious if i should still ween in the cal/mag or just go full strength after week 2? any comments/replys will help, thanks everyone!


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