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    I just got an invitation to join GrowMed University (at the obvious URL if you're interested, I'm not going to link it just in case someone has an objection to me doing so) and have started poking around the website. It looks like it has a pretty comprehensive set of videos and stuff regarding building grow rooms - design, layout, and so on and a bunch of other growing topics. At the moment they're doing a Gmail-like invitation phase it seems. I can invite three more people so if anyone is interested let me know - the only caveat is that it requires an email address so obviously don't post it publicly.
    If you're like me and a bit paranoid about telling some guy on a forum your email address just so he can send an invite to a website, here's what I'd recommend: just make up a disposable email address (assuming you don't already have one. Or two. Or seven.)
    The upside there is that you can use that account to invite your "real" account if you want an extra layer of separation, plus that means you'll have an account with two remaining invites, plus the three from the real account, that you can use to invite more people.
    There's a minor obstacle to getting an invite to everyone that wants one: namely we don't want to post email addresses in plain view here. Similarly, if the people that want invites are PM'ing the people who have them it will go slowly and we run the risk of people sending out multiple requests and getting multiple invites, which means invites would get wasted.
    So here's what I propose (if someone has a better idea let's hear it):
    1. If you want an invite, post here requesting a PM.
    2. If you have available invites, send a PM to one of those people.
    3. Once you've received a PM from someone offering an invite, don't accept other offers (two invites is one wasted invite). Similarly, don't offer invites to more people than you have remaining invites (3 is default I think).
    4. Once you've gotten invited, change/delete your post asking for a PM.
    Not the smoothest method, but I believe that should ensure we have one invite per person.
    Oh, and once you've gotten an invite, please check back and invite others who still need them. Thanks!

  2. PM me, im interested
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    Get a hushmail account, pay premium and you can get several addresses. on top of that get an IP hopping tool if you are that scared. All for about 50-000 dollars you can keep everyone except the NSA and a judicial warrant away. You are to small time for any of those, unless you are selling kilos of dope to fund ISIS.
    You can do the above for free, just some cool bennies when you pay.
  4. Could you pm me as well please?
    Good stuff. I usually keep a few email addresses that I use as "lightning rods" for things where I don't really trust the site I'm registering with. Not suggesting I don't trust GrowMed University - they don't strike me as the type of place to send out spam mail or sell lists or anything. But who knows who the hell I am, right? I'm just some guy on a forum. Like if I'm going to buy or sell something off Craigslist, I don't give out my primary email address. That way, if I end up in touch with some nutjob who gets creepy on me I can just burn the account and move on.
    Speaking of IP masking, if you really want a good solution for that check out the Kickstarter for "anonabox". It's a hardware Tor router that looks pretty sweet. If you're not a hardcore geek or just don't want the bother of setting something up, it's a good way to go.
  6. Quick note: they appear to have lifted the invitation requirement at GMU for now. That might just be a temporary thing, I don't know, so if you're interested I'd advise registering quickly just in case.

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