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  1. I'm a longtime smoker, but not a grower. Can i get some help or something??? I prefer indoors, in a flower pot. Please help me out.
  2. hmmm, now thats funny. cause I prefer indoors also...but not with a flower pot, nope, i prefer it in bed...with a beautiful naked woman...

    ;-) Go to 's faq section and browse this site, youll be off to a good start in no time... all I did though, was I took a coffee can and cut the bottom out, cut a circle out of the plastic lid, (so it will still fit over the edge of the can but with no center at all) put two seeds in my soil mix, (reg. potting soil) covered them with plastic wrap, and popped the plastic lid (without the center) over the wrap to hold it taught and in place, that way you can see it and you know when to put it under a light...i would tak another plastic lid and snap it on the bottom so when you go to transplant it, all you have to do is remove the bottom and pop the whole thing into a five gal. bucket, I believe this alleviates to an extent the shock the plant recives from transplanting, thus continuing growth sooner.... definately not a prefessional setup but alright for one or two plants, it worked out that it starting rusting (the can) just as it was time to transplant, so I dont think rust is a big problem youll have to worry about as long as you transplant soon. all i did was after my seeds germinated is I popped them under two 20 watt bulbs...funny i know... but it worked thus far, they are now under two 40 watt cool white flourescents, I upgrade slowly... my pictures are on all my threads (obviously under suijuris). but read up on some info, experience only goes as far as the one who had the experience, practice and have fun doing it. if you dont have fun doing it...your strange. :)

    Ave atque vale.


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