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  1. we're just starting our first batch of seeds (trying) don't really know if they'll germinate cause they're kinda old .. curious if we're doing it right .. we got some damp paper towels, put the seeds in and then put that into a little baggie. should we put that under any kind of light? dark?

    we also would like to know what kind of light we need to use (indoor). and is there a recommended soil/fertalizer?

    thanks :smoking:
  2. Sounds ok...just open/close baggie daily,moist not soaked,keep in warm dark spot,,check every 12hrs for sprouts....

    As far as lighting....How large is your area intended?How much are you willing to spend?How much bud do you want to reap from your grow area?

    A good flourescent will be needed when the seedling first pops out of growing medium,until stable.

    Any good quality potting soil will work,,such as miracle grow plus...Shultz brand fertilizers are my first choice overall,,with Rapid-Gro,,my second ...

    have fun...good luck

  3. Hey, i would be Hashgards partner in "crime" :), we're a bit annoyed by the fact we can't get much bud around here so we are going to try and grow are own..

    grow space is pretty a closet not sure about the size heh ,maybe 4 x 4?? something like that. We aren't looking for anything to expensive to buy just something basic, as for how much we want to grow...dunno what a plant usually yeilds but want as much as we can get. If you have any other tips and such we'd greatly appreciate the help. Peace out.
  4. Here is our setup concerning lighting, soil, space.


    here are some of the seeds. We are guessing this is germinated enough to plant?


    Lighting is two 75 watt fluros, not a lot i know, and we plan on at least 4 plants. Any ideas for when they get bigger, something cheap and easy would be nice :) we'd appreciate it.


    Here is the soil we plan on using. Couldn't find any miracle grow soil, so we went with this. Any comments on it?


    Here is the amount of space we have. Yeah, i know not a lot but all we got. And we know it probably won't be enough for 4 plants but we will think about something later when they get bigger. We're also wondering if we need to put each plant in a seperate box...or something like that with tinfoil? or just place them all on a small table or something and let the lights shine on them? on that would help as well.

    Well thats all for now i guess. Appreciate any help when
    you can, untill my next post. Peace out :hippie:
  5. Did a little work:


    we went with three planted:


    we know the lighting is shit like i said before...should they be that close or farther away and since we just planted should the lights be on???...and for safety reasons im guessing we should take the clothes out and such? heh.
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