Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by d R o, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. how would you grow ...if your only 16 got ur parents in the house all the time...and growing it in the backyard..will be found sooner or later....and growing somewhere random...will prob get snatched up.... kids know what plants look like
  2. you must be asking for a younger sibling or such? I suggest searching some threads, in the grow forums. off the top my head tho, Id say no grow if youve got snoops. or parents in the next room!! unless maybe under your bathtub?? you can germinate under the bathmat ?! :D
  3. So you're 16 and trying to grow where you'll get busted sooner or later? My advice is don't grow.

    Or if you choose to grow, then go read the stickies.

    But really...why grow in those circumstances?
  4. man that sux..i was hopin there was a grow without anyone cousin was lookin to do it.....and im not growin for him
  5. You could try growing in a closet or any spare place that no one goes into a lot...
  6. haha yeah...ive had my fair share of growing in a cloest
  7. It's too late to grow outside now anyawys. Your best bet is to wait for next season, go scouting right now for deacent plots (assuming you have a vehicle).

    An example of this is with my one friend found a rock canyon, and all he did was get a bunch of rubbermade drums, filled with soil, placed the MJ in it, (The drums were 80L)and let it grow outside, on the rocks. It had so much light. It was sativa and grew something like 13 feet. Amazing stuff it is. He just drove out every other day and checked up on them. The rain fall kept the suffice most of the time, and there was a quaint stream a short walk away. It was so secluded too... he moved away, I might steal his spot, too bad I don't have a vehicle...

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