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  1. growing weed indoors i have the lights and every thing how do i start my seeds off and will tin foil work for the lining of the inside i need info asap and how do i get the tinfoil to stay on the walls of the box ?
  2. how do i get tinfoil to stick to walls or is it better to use white paint!
  3. Welcome Chicklets. All of those questions are posted in the absolute beginner and indoor forums, but to answer the question, (and i dont claim to know alot just sharing some things ive read. Tin foil sucks but if u have to use it, put dull side out, it diffuses the light and wont cause hot spots. I would either paint walls flat white or hang mylar, cheap way to mylar your walls is emergency blankets from walmart or equivalent. Put your seeds in distilled water and set cup in dark warm space and check every 12 hrs... put seeds between moist papertowels and set into a plastic bag and set in warm place, or just plant the seed in your grow medium and watch it grow. well im baked and rambling lmao so ill encourage you to read the threads and posts and you'll learn all kind of neat shyte.. peace
  4. look for the tab up top that says SEARCH! search and read, search and read, search and read, search and read, search and read! make an effort before you ask general questions. and use punctuation.

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