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  1. I have recently just switched my setup around and I'm wondering if it looks like it will finish off the job fine I have had the same lights the whole time most of the plants are eight to 10 weeks but the one big one is 12 weeks do you think there is enough light there it is only a small space I have four T8 fluorescent bulbs two T5 fluorescent bulbs and a few full spectrum LEDs it seems to be doing wonderful considering the plants are only about 8 to 12 weeks old but I'd love to have commentered..... PS the four small ones are clones and the one big one is a seed they were all started at different times

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  2. You don't have the light power you need to flower
  3. These r some more pics they seen to be flower ok for 8 weeks 3 week veg on week 5 flowering of 9 week flower strain

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  4. Have 3 weeks poor little more to go yet
  5. Or more to go yet**** but how much more light would you recommend for flowering? This is my first time doing indoor
  6. Here r some pics so far seem to be flowering ok for week 4 or 5 of flowering

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  7. I'd typically say at least 400 watts hps but fuck it ya never know do it bro if it works PIMP then we'll both have learned something
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  8. You very much and I will keep you updated this is my first indoor grow. I have to T5 sunblaster high output 54 Watt full spectrum 4 foot bulbs, two 4ft shop fixtures double bulbs with octagon Gro Lux wide spectrum lights so that's an additional 4 bulbs then I have a square full spectrum LED with 225 lights 60 blue the rest are red and I also have a couple smaller Circle ones with 106 full spectrum red LEDs as well as a few CFLs for additional lighting I cut a tester Bud last night and it dried
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  9. Oh out of a 2.2 grams and is very potent and I meant to say the night before last not last night the reason I've decided to try it this way as I watch the documentary on the difference between HPS and florescent and I guess high pressure sodium gives you a bigger yield and you do get bigger buds but florescent lighting if used properly can give you more potent and nicer weed your yield is usually just a bit lower if they're tall plants on a side note if you can keep them short and bushy the fluorescents will do just as good a job
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  10. Historically fluorescents are veg lights. They promote good stretch and a nice soft even light. Most people say they're the best veg light you can have. But the efficacy bottoms out so fast. A foot from the lights your barely getting any useable light. Hps cmh led are all better for flower. Their efficacy is 100x that of a fluorescent. So you have more useable light for photosynthesis. I think to see the results you are looking for (fluorescent vs hps) you'd have to match the wattage. And that would just be silly. You'd have bulbs above below and circling your plant. Get an hps a cmh or a quality led and you'll be much happier.
  11. You have too many plants in way too small a space for flowering and nowhere near enough light to get them to produce like they should. CFLs are fine for veg, but suck for good flower production. The key to getting a decent harvest of a plant is light (HIGH wattage/correct spectrum) and space to spread open during flower so light can penetrate the plant and develop out the buds. Flowering more plants for the sake of doing more plants just shoots you in the foot when you don't have adequate lighting. You would likely get a better harvest weight wise flowering a single plant in that setup until you can get better flower lighting. Your plants do look nice and healthy thought and that's definitely a good thing. All you need is better flower lighting and more space if you want to flower that many at once. TWW

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