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  1. I was thinking of growing I have all the stuff I need to buy and the location ( it will be indoors ) this is my list of supplies.

    1. Fox Farm light warrior potting soil
    2. Fox Farm trio nutrients bundle (Grow big,Tiger Blossom, Big bloom)
    3.Fox Farm beastie bloomz flower enhancer (bloom dense buds)
    4.Reflective Mylar grow tent room
    5.150W HPS Mini Sun light grow system
    6. Air cleanser purifier ionizer

    Tell me what you think and if I should add r change anything. If you do grow please post some pics of your progress !

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    I think you want at least a 400w HPS and preferably a 600w HPS. That's my; What do I think.
    I know you got it going on great with the Fox Farm stuff. That's all I use because its always done he job.
    I've used Ocean Forest, Happy Frog and just last weekend bought a bag of Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco. Lady at the grow shop said it was good stuff and a bit less hot for seedlings.
    I'm using it on my upcoming grow that I'll start when I get motivated to. Going to grow 2 Blue Hash plants. Doesn't Blue Hash sound yummy?
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    Pics of past grows.

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  4. I recently picked up a mh light to add to the gear collection. I'd look into that. I absolutely love mine and so do my ladies.

    How many plants ya thinkin? Go hangout in the indoor and beginners section, lots a good information and dudes around who are always willing to help out.
  5. If only buying one thing of soil, I would just get happy frog instead of light warrior. Its fine for seedlings and will support the plants longer.
  6. There is a growers sub forum you should check out!

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