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  1. Hi! I've never grown before and I'm not too sure about the stages and everything like that. I have money for supplies but not too expensive! It'd be great if somebody could just post on the whole growing prosses and all the steps and processes I need to be successful with my grow! Thanks :) I'm working with a 9 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 9 feet long closet. I plan on growing two plants at once. Do I need more space or am I good? Any tips would be a huge help! Thanks:)
  2. Research and you will find the answer to many, many questions.

    Check out the stickies and do some studying!
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  4. How old are u OP? U look underaged.
  5. My apologies BYOweed. However growing in PA isn't allowed either lol ;D It won't happen again.
  6. [quote name='"growanswers"']My apologies BYOweed. However growing in PA isn't allowed either lol ;D It won't happen again.[/quote]

    According the forum rules it is. I'm not a mod so no need to apologize, just a reminder of our forum guideline
  7. Still I feel like a dick, anyway to totally side rail this thread which was kind of pointless to begin with. Amazing looking first grow :D I just skimmed over it and jumped to the bud porn. Very nice. I just harvested two royal queen royal dwarfs two or three weeks ago and got about the same weight as you but in two plants. Very nice keep it up :D
  8. It'd be great if somebody could just post on the whole growing prosses and all the steps and processes I need to be successful with my grow!

    Can anyone help this young man to grow in 3 easy sentences? 4 if they're not too long...

    Nick, tell ya what - you're much better off going here and doing some reading - Absolute Beginners - Forums

  9. Do you have anything yet? Lights?nutrients?clones or seeds?
  10. I hope u have about $500 to start off with.U need atleast 1 light,nutrients,ph meter,ph up and down,calibration solution,soil,growing containers etc..If your gonna grow do it right even if its a small garden.U get what u put into it!
  11. He wont need 500 wtf im growing in a setup out of furniture and just shit laying around. It cost me $0.00 please dont inform him with straight bull.
  12. @ the new grower: If u want to do thing proper and get it done the right way ur gonna spend a few hundred!!!like I said u get what u pay for!! Good meter-$100. 600 watt mh/hps mid grade light-$200.00.Ph up and down and calibration solution-$20 beginer nutrients(fox farm)-$50. Good soil-$30.Digital thermometer w/ humidity meter-$10.Fan $10.Thats off the top of my head,a good grow doesn't come from cheap shit! You get what you pay for and the knowledge will come with research and practice. I mean sure u can set up a lil shit grow room for $100 but again you get what you pay for.Any good grower will tell you from experience that when u grow don't cheap out!My first grow cost me about $300 with all used shit n it turned out decent but u learn as u grow.As I was saying that's about $500 after your seeds,pots etc.If you wanna good turn out your first grow do it right.Do your research

  13. Trust me i did my research u never heard of cfl, ummmm making shit for reflectors, mylar, fucking pvc pipes, oh and i almost forgot being creative?! Maybe before u have thia guy blow his money on a few plants maybe u should do some youreself.
  14. Bad vibes man.... :hide: :p
  15. I'm not gonna argue with ur petty ass on a grow forum! Everyone has there own way.I heard if cfl's,would never use them.Thats my opinion! I've done plenty of research trust me.U really need to relax n smoke a joint of sum good weed.Enjoy life! Any way if u read carefully I said there's certain area u can't cheap out on.And yes my grow room is covered in Mylar paper.Expierence comes with time and u'll learn when n where to take shortcuts.
  16. And ill bet my whole crop that my $500 grow room will grow any strain five times better than ur cheap shit.IF UR GONNA DO SOMETHING DO IT RIGHT! IMO
  17. Yeah u could use cfl's,vinegar,ph test strips yes all that works but if u want good weed not no bullshit do it proper!
  18. This came from my first crop.well worth the money!!!

  19. Ok. I like what you both are saying. But I don't have 500$ I can spend at most 300$. I know it won't be top notch bud but it can be sold. I plan on investing the money to work on growing better bud! Better set up and everything
  20. @ nick420 that should get u started on ur way to sum pretty good bud.Nobody starts with top both equipment.Just do ur research before you go out and buy anything.Read reviews etc on I said b4 u learn where to cut corners the more Expierence you get.Most of the people on this forum are real cool and won't lead you in the wrong direction and all the info you need is out there.Good luck

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