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  1. Brand new to this site but been a smoker for about ... gezzz. .. three years now and now being currently sick and danm tired of pulling missions for buds I'm interested in growing my own but have no clue where to start any helpful hints out there for me?
  2. Hehe I'm sure Critter will give you the perfect site..
  3. Well in the absence of Critter (hope you don't mind my friend)at present i'll post the link for you.... and let me know how you get on.....Peace out...Sid
  4. Get a good reference book

    like: Marijuana Grower's Handbook
    bye: Ed Rosenthal
  5. my first grow was bagseed that I just threw in a pot to see what would happen... try starting like that - less pressure...

  6. I'm new to this as well, and glad I found this site!! I planted seeds from a decent commercial bag, and seeds from some kind in seperate containers. planted the reg on 12-5 it's about an inch tall. I planted the kind on 12-8 and it's already 2 inches high!! I've been using a 24/0 cycle, is it common for it to grow this fast? Just looking for some feedback.....Thanks!
  7. growning is totally fun, i have put my entire life into it right now. now freally growning weed, which is totally a perk, but the interaction with flowers... you have to love it if you want to really enjoy the experience. you need to do research, and a lot of it... from strain, to climate, to lights, food, watering, soil, harvesting, drying...its very time consuming, but worth it... i also say that and here, are two very educational sites for your growning interest.....

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