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  1. I've never made an attempt to grow, and I know almost nothing about it. Lately my source has been flaky, and so I am considering learning how to grow. However, I am lazy, and I feel like (i) learning how to grow and (ii) actually growing and (iii) developing a product for personal consumption would take a lot of time and a lot of work. At the same time, this is just an assumption, because I really have no idea. I do have seeds that I've picked out (though I don't know if they go bad or spoil after a certain period), but I don't have any other relevant supplies.

    Anyway, if there are any experienced growers here, my questions is: how long would it take me learn to grow and how long would it take to go from seeds to consumable product?

    Thank you in advance for your wisdom =]
  2. To be honest if your not prepared/ bothered to learn your wasting everyone s time.

    But I found once you start to grow it's addictive and you want to know everything .

    Growing isn't for everyone . Try it . But read read read , lots of questions are asked over and over on here .

    It's a plant end of lol

    But seriously if you not completely up for this you ll fuck it up !!
  3. I think you would probably be better off finding a new source, you don't sound too into the idea of growing and that's ok. It's not for everyone. But this isn't really something you can be lazy with or skimp on or it will show in your plants and then it will be time, money and seed wasted.

    If you're determined to grow then do a little bit of research on what you'll need to GET STARTED, not the whole grow because then you'll get overwhelmed. Get your seed started and continue to learn as you go and yeah in the end it'll be worth it.

    After the first grow you will save money and if you keep it up you'll have a steady supply of green.
  4. Growing is fun, and saves money in the long run but it can take a considerable amount of time and money to do well. What you get out of a grow depends heavily on what you put in.
  5. Hi NyjerMorgan, Growing because of a flaky source is kind of a weak reason to grow. That doesn't mean you won't be succesful, just sounds like an ingrediant in a failure recipe.
    Growing is challenging, it does take a lot of time & work especially in the beggining, then there those restless nights worrying about my grow, then there's the expense, et. etc.
    I'm no pro, just on my third run but for all of the early problems & mistakes
    Is it worth it? You Bet
    I'm having a blast & at 63 that ain't half bad.
  6. of course having a flaky source is a good reason to grow! you want quality weed,yes? start with an auto or two they are so easy to grow and then work your way up to photo period strains for some super dank ;) it can be an expensive hobby but well worth it when you have ounces of some high grade alot better than you would be getting most other places
  7. I would say, Read up about soil, how to prep it, how to maintain and make your own mix, because if you cant grasp the knowledge about soils and nutrients and all that, you wont do so great growing. But I first thought about growing in December of last year and in these first three months this year I learned soooo much just from this forum. I now know what is needed to have good soil. Its something you just gatta do, and learn as you go. Is it worth it? Absolutely! You can decide to buy weed every week or couple days, spend $20 here and there or you can invest that money into supplies and take a couple hours every night before bed (because you retain information better if you learn before sleep, its proven you remember more after a good nights rest) and just continue to learn and learn in your spare time. You can spend hundreds or even thousands a year buying weed you know nothing of where it came from or how it was handled, or you can invest time and love into growing a plant and have more weed than you know what to do with in a couple months :) You still have time to learn to start growing this year!
  8. I spent about $100 a few years ago to get set up to grow. I got shop lights, rubbermaid tubs some inexpensive potting soil and a few things like blood meal, manure, bone meal and epsom salts. Off of the two females, I got just under 4 ounces! You do the math!

    I've switched to CFLs now and keep myself and 2 other MMJ patients supplied. I figure electricity runs about $35 a month. And it's a great little hobby!


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