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  1. I've read a few micro grow journals about growing with ph balanced water only. If you have tried this or have heard of this being done. Please share it here, I'm thinking about trying this on my next grow.
  2. Define 'nutes'
  3. Nutrients?

  4. Uh huh.........
  5. Don't all plants need nutrients? Well to thrive I mean.

  6. There is that.......
  7. I like it when LD encourages people to think. :)

    Defining nutes is a valid exercise and helps to clear the fog away from some of the issues of growing plants. Well worth the time to ponder imo.

    Make an attempt to answer his query and you will learn far more than you thought you would.

  8. I've heard similar claims from time to time, but it's not true. You can do a water only grow, but the nutrients have to come from somewhere. Usually in water only grows the nutrients are in the soil. Mulch can also be the nutrient source. Some specialized plants can take nitrogen from the air and fix that nitrogen in the soil. As far as I know MJ does not work that way. And you might not have to add much to good soil, because in a good soil mix most of the nutrients are in a form that is available to plants. But in general 0+0= 0.......MIW
  9. There's your answer........
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    I guess I should have been clearer. I know plants need food/nutes. I have two grows under my belt, 2 plants each in a grow box 3"x2.5x4 wdh. Using cfl's with roots organic soil. It is my understanding that when you have a good soil to start with, roots organic is great by the way, that the plants feed off the microbes in the soil and not necessarily the nutes that the microbes feed off of. I have tasted the difference between organic and nonorganic. It's not night and day, but organic is better. Since I only veg for a week in a small grow box, I was thinking I could get by without adding nutes. Letting the microbes feed off nutes in the soil and the plant feed off the microbes.
  11. You're almost there... If you want to get a better grasp on soil science, try reading "Teaming With Microbes" I picked it up at my library, you might find a copy at yours. If they don't have it you can ask the folks at the reference desk to order it for you.
  12. roots organic is great by the way,

    Now imagine if you had a soil that actually had half of the items in it, or actual amounts in it, of the items that Roots claims that it has how well you would do.

    Many of us do exactly what you're referring to - grow incredible plants that really only require water to keep them moist throughout the entire grow. This is possible because we have added a wide variety of organic items to the soil when we mix our own batches, and the plants live off of the items that we have added to the soil recipe. Many of us also "supplement" our water only grows by making "botanical teas" which contain many minerals and elements that help our plants to not only grow, but to really thrive.

    In order to do this, there simply must be a balance between the organic food added to the soil mix and beneficial life, or microbes in the soil. You can have a well made soil with plenty of food, but if theres no soil life then you're still only going to do "mediocre".

    Soil life is added to our recipes in the way of earthworm castings, compost, and /or vermicompost. Many also make up Aerated Compost Teas, or ACT's to boost the soil life numbers.

    If you are interested in doing this type of gardening, please take the time to read the Stickys - there is a wealth of information there that will guide you down the road of true organic gardening.

    good luck.

  13. I do add worm casting and perlite to my roots organic soil, but I think going the tea route instead of just distilled water will get me where I'm trying to go. Haven't did a full organic grow before, so keep your experiences and pitfalls I need to look out for coming
  14. My neighbor has grown for years with water only. He vegs for 1 week then flower til harvest. He's saving some money and growing some grade A killa. He would be the first to tell you that he thinks he could get more nutes, but not sure if it would be better.
  15. It's a tricky topic. I just read an article in ACRES magazine where the arthur advises against adding nitrogen as an excess can replace minerals in plant tissue. Apparently this reduces flavor and smell (food crops).

    In addition, certain applied nutrients can cause plants to bypass the soil microorganisms. This is fraught with issues as well.

    So there is no easy answer. What some of us here like to do is to build a good healthy soil (this is indoor growing I am speaking to) and then promote a healthy soil microbe environment. At this point many folks just apply botanical teas or FPE's (fermented plant extracts) to apply plant compounds/2ndry metabolites that help foster growth and tight nodes.

    Here is a grow journal that may be an example of what you are thinking of.
  16. Yeah that pretty close, minus the smart pot. I guess it's not as miny people growing this way as I thought it was. I was expecting to hear a few more success stories. My neighbor has a harvest coming in a week or two, then he is going to assist me with my grow. I'll post pics here when we get going. Until then keep the input coming.

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