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Growing without getting busted

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by letstokeup, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Hi grass city. I have never before grown marijuana because i currently live in an appartment with some roommates. But when i get my own house, i do plan on growing. I am wondering how people on this web site produce large yeilds with 15 to 20+ plants. How do you not get caught. Cant DEA agents do thermal to see how much light a person uses. Or if you grow outdoors what about neighboors, flybys, and not to mention the smell. What im asking is simpily, how do long time growers do it without getting busted.
  2. I actually wonder the same thing myself. I've thought about growing a lot, and it really does interest me incredibly. But the idea of a bunch of heavily armed men running into my place just doesn't ring right to me. I've thought lots about moving to a place like Cali, to get my med card, and thought seriously about it. How do you "OG's" do it?
  3. Dont Tell No One

  4. that is key
  5. If you kit your room out correctly, tell no one and do not sell you will never get busted.
  6. I believe they need a warrant to use thermal against you because it is invasion of privacy - similar to wire taps, etc. however they could use thermal to detect and begin investigating.

    BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY..................

  7. Would one 400 watt hps be enough heat to get you in trouble if they used infrared?
  8. if your growing indoors the main thing is to keep the heat down with fans. other than that you can grow 20 plants year round without getting caught. even that many plants wont ring up an incredibly suspicious electricity bill if your being cost effective and using 600 watt HPS's.
  9. Nope as long as you don't raise the temp of your house to abnormal level no amount of lights would be detected.
  10. don't tell anyone you're growing and no one will know, its not illegal to grow plants hydroponically.

    generally if they come busting down your door with many armed men, then you sold to an agent, so don't sell what you grow either.
  11. 1. DON'T TELL ANYONE. every person you tell is like an extra 10% chance of getting caught.

    2. use proper ventilation. they can see you pumping hot air directly out of your house, or if one room is alot hotter than the rest, particularly in attics. there is anti-thermal stuff you can buy to put on the walls/cieling whatever.

    3. using a carbon filter you can eliminate all smell exiting the room.

    4. never throw away grow room trash in your normal receptacle. find something to do with it, most importantly get it off your property.

    5. be smart and remember it's not paranoia if it's actually happening. so be aware!
  12. So can the heat going from the grow room through the ducting get you caught?
    Talkin about the ducting not the room
  13. well it depends on where you're venting it. if you can vent it to blow down under the house that's perfect. you want to make the ducting as short as possible anyway to maintain fan efficeincy.

    but it kinda depends on what you're talking about. can you give a more specific example?
  14. There are lot of myths perpetuated about heat & electricity leading to a MJ bust. Fact is that it takes much more for the District Attorney to ask a judge for a warrant to raid your house.

    Heat emission & electricity bills are not probable cause for a search warrant.

  15. Ok my grow is in my closet, with a 430cfm fan pulling through a 25 foot ducting out of my closet and leading to the other side of my room.
    Could I cut the ducting and make it shorter or would that be bad. Its the 3layer ducting.
  16. if it's just going across a room, it's fine. i was thinking you were talking something a bit more expansive.
  17. he's definitely right that it takes quite a bit to get a search warrant, but you definitely don't want to make it easy for them either. the more precautions you take the better.
  18. Absolutely.....even though LEO can't use the infrared & thermal imaging to obtain a warrant, it can certainly help them build a case against you.

    The #1 rule though is DO NOT TELL OR SHOW ANYONE.

    Don't have a lot of traffic coming & going to your house. Watch what you throw away...don't put any kind of clippings, or anything MJ related in your garbage.

    I take all my garbage.....(& it's a lot), & I compact it in my brother's restaurant trash compacter.

    If you sell, only sell to those you can trust.
  19. really??
    That's something I've been thinking about.
    I was going to go with a 400W HPS, but ringing up the electricity bill kept running through my mind. That's why i'm considering a 250W HPS.
    I thought a 400W HPS would be something suspicious.
    You talk of using 600W HPS to be cost effective and having no reason to cause suspicion.

    anybody else have an opinion??
  20. well the main answer to this question is what everyone has already said so far

    1. dont say shit to anyone

    2. keep the smell out, use a carbon scrubber

    3. dont sell... unless everything is thrown away except for the product ;)

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