Growing without equipment.

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  1. I'm considering growing in the comfort of my own home, only want a plant, to get a few buds for myself. Is it possible to grow a decentish plant, without equipment, and how much do people think I would gain from one plant?
  2. What do you mean by no equipment? No lights? lol
  3. Yeah. No lights, just sort of like a regular plant. In my room.
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    every plant needs light to grow. If youre just looking to save money, buy a few CFL's, check out CFL grow youtube videos. if you want good buds, your going to have to add other factors in. Plants need wind in order to thicken stems and strengthen nutrition intake so that flowers can be bigger, so a fan would be good. Nutrients are also helpful if you want good buds. You can grow with close to no equipment, but using certain equipment will determine your end result.

    And when you ask how much you will yield, again it depends on what you use, and what kind of strain your plant is. But in short, unless your plant is next to a window with sunlight, some fresh air and in the right temp, i don't think you'd be able to grow anything close to decent. But i may be wrong =/
  5. you're already growing weed in your room is buying a few $5 lights really gonna cause more problems for you?
  6. Even without minimal equipment you cannot grow a plant, is it too hard to get a few bulbs ? Im growing with minimal equipment comfortable in my room with triple socket and bulbs , No ph meters no muck no case just pot, water , light and good microclimate like i at the 1st time grew up beautiful ak47 :)
  7. I mean growing next to the window.
  8. With sunlight, and I have an air feed running through the room anyway.
  9. Does the window get a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight per day?
  10. I would strongly reccomend going with cfls. Window grown plants often grow spindly airy buds. In my opinion if growing next to your window is the only way u can right now youd be better off waiting until you find a better way. I personally like cfls. I veg under cfl and plant outdoors. Check out my grow journal.

    Best of luck!
  11. Driving a car with out car.....Do not waste your time...
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    So true ^^
  13. Growing without equipment indoors.. I think they call this growing with hopes and dreams.
  14. I don't know how you equate no lights to "a regular plant." Excuse me, "sort of like a regular plant." :rolleyes:

    Window grow won't work. Read up, just about every question a newbie can come up with is pre-answered already here at GC in the sticky threads, read the grow guides, check the links in my sig, use the search button. Show the initiative to self-educate like all the rest of us did, that is the best thing you can do to become a successful grower.

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