Growing with the 180W Jumbo UFO

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  1. Greetings all, I started this journal to show the community what can be done with these new Jumbo UFO's. Alot of people have been wanting to see a large-scale grow with LED Grow Lights to see what is really possible. This is not my grow first of all, but a friend of mine that chooses to not post on these forums like most larger growers would never do, but for the little people like myself, this is really something to see. Currently there are 10 180w Jumbo UFO's covering a 10'x4' grow space. The Jumbo's are spaced apart 1 1/2' from one another and are putting roughly 50W per sq. ft. into the footprint. The plants are Sativa (Hawaiian) and the smaller ones just getting started are Indica (Mister Nice).

    These first pictures are 11 days into 12/12 and went under the Jumbo at 6"s tall. My friend is sending me pictures weekly, so I will post them up at the first part of each week.

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  2. These pictures are 7 days later under 12/12 for a total of 18 days. Just 18 days ago these were all 6-7"s tall.

    In the 1 picture you will see the monsters and in front you will see a new crop that was just put under the 180W Jumbo. That's how tall the monsters were just 18 days ago.

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  3. wow! looking good, thats a big a$$ grow. i wish i could rock (10) 180w ufo's.:D
    is that 100% 180w led grow?
    looks great
    keep the pics coming weekly ill be waiting.
  4. This grow is gonna be so big, I'm scared just to type into this thread!!!!
    Again, thank you for the invite, I'm DEFINATELY pulling up a chair for this.
    Fugging unreal man.:eek:
  5. I'm anxious to see how airy the buds are once harvested.

    A local guy just harvested 60 plants under these 180w UFO's. I got 1 oz of strawberry cough from him, it filled 2 mason jars... ONE ounce...

    The bud is dank and smokes good but its airy and fluffy.

    I've noticed that most LED guys have to suppliment with CFLS or they get airbud.
  6. Gonna be great! But expensive as ass to set up holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did I hear right 10 - 180w? so about 6 grand worth of lights alone?
  7. he must be doing somthing wrong because ive never gotten fluffy bud from my led grows. always dense buds here. no cfl's either just pure led
  8. Whats up pj? How come he let the plants get so tall? From pics seems like they are not penetrating very deep into the canopy. Just my observation. But looks good though. I bet his first crop will pay for the lights alone.
  9. I am personally thinking of running 3 altogether in my 4 by 4. I just would like to see some decent results b4 I lay down more money on these lights. Im counting on u V! lol
  10. I'm trying bro, promise you that. V
  11. this should be interesting, ill definitely be keeping an eye on this
  12. Any suggestions on how to bring ph un in soil. My reading is 6.2 but I am thinking this is on the low end and I am aiming for around 6.5. ???
  13. a bottle of PH up
  14. 4 soil?
  15. yeah Irish, that's all he's got going now. He got licensed to do 99 plants so he's adding an additional 48 180s, so it will be a MONSTER Grow very soon.
  16. Yeah, he's got 10 of them in their now. He's figuring he can get over 2 ozs a square foot out of that operation, so it will pay for itself pretty quick.

  17. DOOD... did you just asy 48 UFO'S???:eek: V
    that had to be a typo
  18. He flowered when they were like 7"s tall and that's how big they got.. Don't think he could have controlled that kind of growth though. Those are Sativas and I'm not sure how tall they get, so its hard to say if its normal or not.

  19. No man, that's for real, he is going to have over 10,000 Watts of LEDs in that place...sick huh?
  20. Sick to death, this will be... fill in the blank, I don't have words to emote.
    So needless to say, he digs the prosource product... V

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